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About Pharma Marketing Network
Pharma Marketing Network® is owned and operated by VirSci Corporation, a pharmaceutical marketing best practices consultancy and communications company, which was established in 1995 by John Mack.

VirSci has long been a pioneer in developing and managing pharmaceutical marketing Web sites and email-based discussion groups. In 1995, for example, VirSci launched PharmInfoNet, a "Top 20 Health Site" focused on drug information content and databases for physicians and pharmacists. PharmInfoNet pioneered many innovative, Internet-based communication programs including the Electronic Highlight Bulletin for the delivery of medical conference highlights to physicians via email and the Web.

In 1998, VirSci established the PHARMA-MKTING listserv in order to establish a loosely-knit group of pharmaceutical marketing clients of its products and services. As more and more subscribers joined the listserv, a Web site was added to support the group by providing instructions for using the listserv, to recruit new members, and to link to archived discussion threads.

In 2002, a newsletter (Pharma Marketing News) was added to encourage discussion and promote products and services of PHARMA-MKTING subscribers and other advertisers. The newsletter quickly found its niche by providing timely highlights of pharmaceutical marketing conferences and information about innovative marketing products and services.

Eventually, more and more services were added and the synergy between the Web site content and the interactive email discussion group was increased greatly. In January, 2003, the assets of the email discussion group, newsletter, and Web site were integrated under the Pharma Marketing Network brand.

About John Mack
John Mack John Mack, President of VirSci Corporation, is an experienced executive with a background in pharmaceutical marketing communications, interactive technologies, and medical privacy.

Mr. Mack is currently a principal consultant with VirSci Corporation, where he provides global pharmaceutical and health care industry clients with marketing communications, competitive market intelligence, and privacy/security consulting services. Previously, Mr. Mack was a consultant in the Life Sciences Practice at Answerthink, where he managed projects such as pharmaceutical DTC and physician web site development, privacy policy assessments, and HIPAA awareness workshops for healthcare providers. Mr. Mack also created and managed PharmInfoNet, a privately owned "Top 20 Health Site" focused on drug information content and databases for physicians and pharmacists. In 1999, he sold this web site to Mediconsult and became their Director of Drug Information.

Mr, Mack is Publisher and Editor of Pharma Marketing News and moderates the PHARMA-MKTING on-line discussion Forum, both essential components of the Pharma Marketing Network.

Mr. Mack often provides expert testimony and advice regarding HIPAA and privacy issues and he is a prolific author and speaker in these and other topic areas. As one of the leading authorities on standards for quality and privacy of health information on the Net, Mr. Mack is quoted often in the media (including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, etc.), has lectured extensively, and is a member of numerous e-health related advisory boards and committees.

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