Balancing Idealistic vs. Realistic CRM Processes

This article is a summary of a panel discussion at CBI's 6th Forum on Customer Relationship Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry, held in New York City, October 17-18, 2003. The panel was chaired by Michael C. Lengel, Partner at Peppers and Rogers Group, and included Sharon Reffett, Director of Customer Systems and Administration at Allergan, John Vaeth, Director, CRM Capability Development at Biogen, and Wendy Jackson, President, Direct Marketing at Publicis.

Putting the Customer Back in Customer Relationship Management

This article features the thoughts of Derek Evans, Vice President, Global Solutions Marketing at Dendrite International, on how to put the customer back in Customer Relationship Management. In addition to reinforcing the problems of too many reps, limited physician access, and physician dissatisfaction with the reps' level of knowledge, Evans emphasized the compound effect of excessive focus on high prescribers and the restrictions of formularies and government regulations.

Quality of Pharma-sponsored Health Information on the Internet

What is the attitude of pharmaceutical professionals regarding the quality of pharma-sponsored health information on the Net? Does the industry perceive a problem in this area? To help answer this question, a survey - Quality of Pharma-Sponsored Health Information on the Internet - was sponsored by the Internet Healthcare Coalition in conjunction with the Pharma Marketing Network (PMN) and was hosted by PollingPharma on their web site ( during the month of January, 2003

Has DTC Spending Peaked?

There are powerful lobbyists, including employers, insurers, AARP, and Public Citizen, with an anti-DTC agenda in Washington. The criticism takes many forms - increases in drug prices, increase in inappropriate prescribing, etc. Republicans have gained control, but some committee chairs are DTC critics.

Why Pharma Can’t Ignore eDetailers

This article reviews the presentation made by Elizabeth W. Boehm, Forrester Research Analyst at the recent CBI eDetailing Conference in which she stated, 'Physicians are embracing online technology, so pharmaceutical marketers can -- and should -- embrace online physicians.' Boehm recommended that pharmas adopt some form of eDetailing to reach out to an increasingly populated and receptive target audience, and she presented multiple datasets, including results from Forrester's 2003 Technographics Benchmark Study and eDetailing Survey, to support this position.

Product Branding, eMarketing May Be Underutilized

Strengthened pharmaceutical branding and increased utilization of online marketing tools can have a significant impact on the revenue and market value of pharmaceutical firms, according to a presentation by Bill Trombetta, professor of pharmaceutical strategy and marketing at The Erivan K. Haub School of Business at St. Joseph's University.

ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support: Understanding What’s at Stake

A joint presentation by John F. Kamp, Ph.D., J.D., Partner, Wiley, Rein & Fielding and Linda Casebeer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, CME at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, offered a point-counterpoint assessment of ACCME's draft Standards for Commercial Support (SCS) and its effect on the partnership between accredited CME providers and pharmaceutical supporters.

Guidelines for Off-label Communications

Off-label information distribution by pharmaceutical companies to physicians is legal and in common practice, though 'off-label confusion' might be the better term. This article reviews several court cases relating to false claims associated with off-label communications and suggests seven steps to safely for marketing a pharmaceutical product for an unapproved indication.

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing: Challenges for Pharma

This article focuses on challenges pharma faces integrating their emarketing expertise into brand teams and integrating their online and offline marketing campaigns. Can pharma marketers learn anything from the consumer packaged goods industry?

Top Companies, Classes, and Products in the DTC Space

This article provides an overview of DTC spending YTD 2002 compared with YTD 2001. The sources the data are Verispan's Source Prescription Audit and other market research.
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