“Tribal Marketing”

Tribal marketing n. A marketing strategy that attempts to create social groups or communities that are centered around a product or service. The credo of tribal marketing is that postmodern people are looking for products and services that not only enable them to be freer, but can also link them to others, to a community, to a tribe.

Cost-Cutting Strategies for the Pharma Industry

Pharma Marketing News hosted an online Pharma Cost Cutting Survey between February 22, 2005, and March 18, 2005. Respondents indicated how likely they thought pharma companies would adopt several cost-cutting strategies within the next six months. This article presents a summary of the results.

Blogs and the Pharmaceutical Industry

This article presents the basics of blogging and offers several examples of how pharmaceutical companies and marketers can use blogs effectively without shooting themselves in the foot!

DocCheck: Das Portal

This article describes the services offered by DocCheck and specifically focuses on the portal's market research and physician-targeting capabilities, which any pharmaceutical marketer wishing to do professional marketing in Germany should know more about.

You May Walk Like a Duck and Quack Like a Duck, But You’re No...

There are two kinds of marketers -- brand marketers and direct marketers. In the world according to Jon Roska, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Roska Direct, a Montgomeryville, PA direct advertising agency, brand marketers are hens (i.e., chickens) and direct marketers are ducks and both vie for the attention of the farmer (i.e., pharma client). The question is, Can chickens and ducks work together to provide the farmer with the best of both kinds of marketing?

To Ban or Not to Ban DTC? That Was the Question!

This article takes a critical look at Sen. Frist's proposal to reform DTC. The article includes reactions to the Frist proposal from PhRMA, AMA, advertising trade associations, and from members of the PHARMA-MKTING online discussion group.

Marketing in the Post-Vioxx Era

This article summarizes a panel discussion at a recent Pharmaceutical Executive Annual Marketing Summit in Philadelphia.

Sales Rep Assessment: Shoot the Messenger, the Message, or Both?

This article is a review of Metamorph, Inc.'s methodology of using specially trained physicians to assess and validate sales strategy, marketing messages and sales aids of pharmaceutical companies based on real-time calls with reps using a standardised set of data points.

Motivating & Retaining The MSL: What Makes MSLs Tick

In addition to her clinical and professional role as an experienced and successful MSL for Sepracor in the Indianapolis, IN area, Erin Albert, R.Ph, MBA, has spent a considerable amount of time researching and gathering psychometric data about her peers' job satisfaction in their current MSL roles.

A Call to Action: A Mea Non Culpa by Big Pharma

A review of the book 'A Call to Action' by Pfizer CEO Dr. Hank McKinnell. This review focuses on the 10 action items McKinnell promulgates. Notwithstanding an Amazon.com review of the book written by Peter Rost -- Pfizer's whistleblowing head of endocrine care marketing unit -- in which McKinnell is described as making 'an impressive mea culpa,' this book is actually a mea non culpa! Find out why..
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