MSL Role in Educational Development

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are in an excellent position to lead pharma-sponsored CE planning and provide educational strategy for improving patient care by furthering effective medical educational activities.

DTC Pros and Cons Presented at FDA Hearing

This article summarizes the main points, both pro and con, made by presenters at recent FDA hearing on DTC and includes commentary from expert members of the Pharms Marketing Roundtable, which met to discuss the issues raised at this hearing.

Times They Are A-Changing?

Now that market forces are starting to turn negative, have we reached a point where the bloat (inefficiency) is unsustainable? Or are threats of layoffs just a ploy to sustain stock market value?

Can Health Web Sites Improve Compliance?

For various reasons, it is hard to find a conclusively documented answer to a seemingly simple question: do interactive health education media improve patients' health practices? In fact, a recent high-profile report attempted to answer that question and got it wrong: procedural flaws led them to an unjustified conclusion. The problem lies in seeking a broad general picture. More appropriate is to focus on the specific patient population, the distinct behaviors to be changed, and the particular tactics employed.

Drug Prices, Declining Profits Top Issues for 2005

What impact will issues like drug reimporation, weak pipelines, decreasing profits, drug recalls, class action lawsuits, government regulation, etc., have on the course of the pharmaceutical industry in 2005?

Midwestern eMarketing Values

Siren Interactive, a midwestern interactive eMarketing firm, believes that valuable Internet content is a prime component to an effective eMarketing strategy for pharmaceutical companies

To Ban or Not to Ban DTC? That Was the Question!

This article takes a critical look at Sen. Frist's proposal to reform DTC. The article includes reactions to the Frist proposal from PhRMA, AMA, advertising trade associations, and from members of the PHARMA-MKTING online discussion group.

Marketing the Pharma Industry: The Empire Strikes Back

This article gives a spirited review of a recent Pharmaceutical Marketers Knowledgeshare Forum and includes a composite overview of the action plan developed by attendees for the pharma industry to regain trust.

Transparency is the Word These Days

Instead of fancy, expensive ads or PR campaigns, why don't pharma companies interview a few employees and let us hear directly from them?

Beyond the eDetail: Evolving to Educate

This article reviews Lathian Systems' online solutions that are designed to help pharma companies capture the interest, gain the access, and obtain the time required to deliver effective educational programs to physicians.
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