Peter Rost: Whistle Blower, Pharma Blogger, ???

This article is based on an interview with Rost, Pharma's Black Knight.

Effective Physician Marketing at Medical Meeting Exhibits

This article describes best exhibit marketing practices and how to measure the effectives of your exhibit.

Disease Mongering: ED and Indication Bloat

In one fell swoop the new erectile dysfuntion (ED) 'disease awareness' ads have expanded the market for ED while at the same time managed to come up smelling like roses by complying with PhRMA's Guiding Principles for DTC Advertising. 'Disease mongering' (aka, 'indication bloat') -- or, if you prefer, 'disease awareness'-- efforts are a rising tide that will float all ED drug ships.

Print DTC: How Does It Measure Up?

Over 60 drug ads that appeared in several major consumer magazines were analyzed. In each, the space allocated to images, benefit statements, risk information, and the brief summary was measured. This article summarizes the findings.

The Electronic Formulary Will Change the Equation

The author argues that the pharmaceutical industry should make a more aggressive push towards the inclusion of their clinically relevant content at the point-of-prescription in on-line managed care formulary lookups and ePrescribing transactions. Only then will the industry begin to change what is looking like a threatening future to one which offers the industry a more level playing field.

The European eMarketing Scene: Desperately Seeking Strategy

The pharmaceutical industry is struggling to develop an eMarketing strategy in Europe, which is comprised of many relatively small markets (the member countries of the EU) having significant cultural and language differences.

Biotech DTC: Business Not As Usual

There's blood in the water and ad agencies are circlingbiotech companies, trying to entice them into transforming themselves into marketing machines. Some agency people suggest that biotech needs to engage in traditional direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising. Biotech, however, needs more than DTC as usual.

Pharma Online Spending

An Interview with eMarketer Senior Analyst Lisa Phillips

Trends in Commercial Support of CME

This article is an edited transcript of the June 2006, Pharma Marketing Roundtable discussion, which was devoted to trends in commercial support of CME.

The Brand Marketing Mix

This article is a summary of a presentation made before a pharmaceutical brand team on marketing tactics that are viable now and in the future, how to avoid risk by balancing risk vs. impact, and what the marketing mix trends will be one to five years out.
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