Web 2.0 Pharma Marketing Tricks for Dummies

Pharmaceutical marketers are having a field day pushing the envelope on the Internet and especially in the social networking, Web 2.0 arena -- the new WILD, WILD WEST of the Internet. Many, however, are getting caught trying to perform the 'tricks of the trade.' With just a little bit of guidance and tips from the masters, you can perform these tricks WITHOUT getting caught!

Diversity in Pharma

Who and where are the role models in the pharmaceutical industry for people of color trying to make it in the industry? I think it would be a great idea to seek out these professionals and have them tell their stories.

Awards. What Are They Good For?

Oh Yeah! Awards are good for parties!

Collaborating with Online Physician Communities

Pfizer and Sermo -- a Web-based community where physicians share observations from daily practice, discuss emerging trends and provide new insights into medications, devices and treatments -- recently announced a 'strategic collaboration designed to redefine the way physicians in the U.S. and the healthcare industry work together to improve patient care.'

Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence

This report of impressions from a pharma CI conference is an insider view, primarily how-to principles for CI providers, rather than how-to-use concepts for CI consumers. Yet you don't have to be an operative to benefit from reading this article, if for no other reason that to realize that SWOT is not just pitch-deck boilerplate, but the evolving awareness of your brand's interactions with the world.

Are Sales Reps Necessary?

Now that the pharmaceutical industry is set to follow Pfizer's lead and cut 10-20% of the sales force, is it crazy to ask if sales reps are needed at all?

Should Bloggers Dine at Pharma’s Table?

Should bloggers who write about the industry accept free gifts (eg, dinner) from the pharmaceutical industry or should they adopt journalistic standards and participate but pay their own way?

Got Game? Online Pharma Advergaming

While advergaming seems to work for the consumer package goods industry, will it also work for pharmaceuticals?

A Tale of Two Pharma Whistleblower Novels

Big Pharma and Killer Drug

YouPharma: New Rules for Pharma Marketing and Social Media

Highlights from a Pharma Roundtable discussion and comments from several bloggers in the Pharma Blogosphere about pharma use of social media.
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