Pharma Marketing News Vol. 6, #1

Vol. 6, No. 1: January 2007 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Welcome to this issue of Pharma Marketing News. Subscribe Now to get the current and future issues FREE!...

Medical Transcript Advertising

This article reviews advertRx and advoiceRx, physician point-of-care marketing solutions offered by datumRx, a California-based company.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 6, #2

CONTENTS OpEd: God Bless R&D, but Marketers May Go to Hell! ( The Expanding Pharma Blogosphere Surfing the eMarketing Big One! Social Network Marketing: The Wisdom of the Crowd...

A Tale of Two Pharma Whistleblower Novels

Big Pharma and Killer Drug

Pharma Marketing Stuck in Web 1.5

In this guest article, author Richard Meyer, Senior eMarketing Manager, Medtronic, summarizes some of the key findings of the recent eMarketer report 'Pharmaceutical Marketing Online: Stuck in Web 1.5.'

Awards. What Are They Good For?

Oh Yeah! Awards are good for parties!

What’s Next vs. What’s Best

Harry Sweeney reports on the recent Pharmaceutical Brand Leadership conference held in Chicago. The article covers presentations on branding, marketing 'Negative Goods,' the Boomer Wave, unrefuted industry criticism, and other issues impacting the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Word-of-Net: Pharma Marketing Forums

I hope that PMN Forums will become a big part of the Pharma Marketing Network and that many of you will become my buddies as well.

Measuring Consumer Sentiment About Prescription Drugs

At a recent Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, John Mack spoke with Mark DePaoli, life sciences analyst at BrandIntel, an online information service, about mining CGC to evaluate consumer sentiment about pharmaceuticals. This article summarizes that discussion and presents a case study analysis comparing consumer sentiment of Botox vs. Restalyne.

The Expanding Pharma Blogosphere

Although the pharmaceutical industry is slow to adopt blogging for PR purposes or otherwise, its critics and supporters alike are flocking to the blogosphere to make their voices heard.
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