A Tale of Two Pharma Whistleblower Novels

Big Pharma and Killer Drug

J&J’s PR Hindenburg Disaster!

Johnson and Johnson's recent announcement that it is filing a civil suit against the American Red Cross (ARC) has been called one of the worst PR moves ever made by a pharmaceutical company and one that has completely flushed away the goodwill the company earned years ago by its adroit handling of the Tylenol tampering crisis.

Merck Rejiggers Its Marketing Mix: Will Other Pharma Companies Follow?

Adam Schechter, President of Merck US Human Health, made this statement not long ago at a Goldman Sachs healthcare conference: 'Industry must embrace new ways of engaging physicians on their terms.'

Stop Wasting Millions on Ineffective DTC Ads!

Testing Technology Can Help Improve Ads and Engage Viewers

The Changing Landscape of Physician Interactions

Strategies to Improve Interactions with Key Physicians

One… uh, Two Small Steps for Pharmaco Blogging!

Recently, two pharmaceutical company blogs have officially entered the Pharma Blogosphere: Johnson & Johnson's JNJ BTW and Glaxo's alliConnect.

SiCKO is Boffo but Not Anti-Pharmaco Per Se

This review of SiCKO is the first by a pharma blogger and editor who has actually seen the movie first hand!

Big Pharma Sales Analytics for the Rest of Us

OnDemandIQ Inc., a Los Angeles based company, provides OnDemandIQ Insights' Life Sciences, which is an affordable web-hosted business intelligence solution for smaller companies.

Got Game? Online Pharma Advergaming

While advergaming seems to work for the consumer package goods industry, will it also work for pharmaceuticals?

From Science to CEO: The Scientific Path to Corporate Leadership

Three pharmaceutical company CEOs discuss their path from science to leadership and the role of medical science liaisons.
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