The Virtual Sales Rep – It’s Not About eDetailing!

A growing number of doctors prefer digital communications and the pharmaceutical industry is currently in the process of moving its sales force to a smaller structure that is more directly aligned with this new reality. One aspect of that change is the deployment of

Are Websites “Fair and Balanced?”: FDA Studies Online DTC Prescription Drug Promotion

This article reviews the study 'Examination of Online Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Promotion' (FDA-2011-N-0230), which is designed to test different ways of presenting prescription drug risk and benefit information on branded drug Web sites.

Pharma Content Marketing Strategies: Insights from Industry Experts

This article includes insights on content marketing from pharma experts including Thibaud Guymard, Digital Marketing Manager at MSD France. Guymard has broad experience with pharma content marketing, including roles as co-creator of the Digital Health Think Tank and as an Advertising Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi Health. Guymard also assisted in developing the Pharma Content Marketing Webinar organized by Kakushin Webinars.

Pharma Promotional Spending in 2013: Professional Detailing, eDetailing, DTC Advertising, Professional Meetings, Journal Advertising

According to the latest Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD) Audit, the 20 pharma companies that spent the most on total promotion -- which includes traditional professional detailing, eDetailing, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising, professional meetings, and journal advertising -- spent a total of $14,784 Bn in 2013. This article analyzes data from several sources to determine how much of this is allocated to various media and channels and also looks at the trends for several channels.

Pharma Brand Personality Traits

According to Lea Katsanis, PhD, Marketing Professor at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, developing a strong brand personality is an important way that pharmaceutical marketers can increase brand loyalty, brand trust, and ultimately brand equity.

FDA To Study DTC Promotion Directed at Adolescents: Focus is on Immediate Benefits vs....

This article is a review of the proposed FDA 'Experimental Study of Direct-to-Consumer Promotion Directed at Adolescents' (FR # FDA-2013-N-1151), which aims to assess how adolescents interpret drug risk in DTC advertising.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 13, No. 10: December 2014

Welcome to Volume 13, Issue #10 (DECEMBER 2014) of Pharma Marketing News.

Boehringer Ingelheim Receives the 2014 PharmaGuy Social Media Pioneer Award

This article summarizes the social media accomplishments -- despite bumps in along the way -- that earned the Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) Global Social Media Team the coveted Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award.

Do TV DTC Ads Overstate Rx Drug Risks?

FDA intends to look for evidence that the 'major statement' of drug risks as currently implemented in DTC TV ads is often too long and 'may result in reduced consumer comprehension, minimization of important risk information and, potentially, therapeutic noncompliance due to fear of side effects.'

Drug Industry Rips Into FDA Over Social Media Guidelines: Twitter & Google Adwords

This article summarizes some of the main points made by PhRMA, Washington Legal Foundation (WLF), BIO, Medical Information Working Group (MIWG), Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition, and several pharmaceutical companies, regarding FDA's Draft Guidance on using Internet and social media platforms with character space limitations.
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