Pharma Marketing Buzzwords: The Good, the Bad, & the Just Plain Useless!

All the negative buzz about pharma buzzwords inspired the creation of the Pharma Marketing Buzzword Bingo Card (shown here) and the Pharma Marketing News 'Pharma Buzzword Survey,' which asked respondents to grade a list of buzzwords commonly heard at conferences and marketing meetings within pharmaceutical companies. This article summarizes the results of that survey.

Celebrities + Social Media: Balancing Benefits and Risks

This article focuses on the risks and benefits of using celebrities and social media to promote pharma brands and proposes that it may be time for the pharma industry to disclose the details of payments made to celebrities as they now are required to do for physician payments.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 14, No. 3: April 2015

Welcome to Vol. 14, Issue No. 3 (APRIL 2015) of Pharma Marketing News. Patient centricity, direct-to-consumer advertising, and key opinion leaders are the focus of this issue. All are related in the sense that each area has seen major changes & shifts in thinking with more to come.

The Debut of the Chief Patient Officer: Is It Just a Passing Fad or...

This article summarizes the roles of Chief Patient Officers in bringing the patient perspective into their company's work. Sanofi is used as a case study.

Leveraging Multi-Channel Infographics for Patient Support: #DareTo Say SUDEP Case Study

In this article, Maureen Winigrad and John Griffith, principals at Centric Infographics, present the latest access data for two infographics campaigns spoonsored by the Epilepsy Foundation and Lunbeck Pharmaceuticals.

The Power of Patient Input: How FDA Learned to Love & Approve Addyi

This article presents a case study of how patient input has the power to change the course of drug approval. The case is Sprout's ground-breaking patient campaign that played a major role in getting Addyi, a female sexual dysfunction drug, approved by the FDA.

A KOL by Any Other Name: Too Toxic for Everyday Use, or Still the...

This article summarizes the results of the KOL Name Change Survey and discusses how to change the underlying process by which pharma companies choose KOLs.

2014 Was a Good Year for FDA & Pharma: Banging Year for Drug Approvals,...

The FDA approved a total of 41 new molecular entities (NMEs) and biologics (BLAs) in 201 4but sent out only a meager 10 advertising enforcement letters in 2014, the fewest ever.

Pharma’s Use of Medical Conference Twitter Hashtags: Is It “Backchannel” Promotion That Needs to...

This article discusses the pros and cons of safeguards proposed a group of academic physicians (the #MICEproject) to limit pharmaceutical 'detailing' and to 'bring the medical community closer to establishing guidelines for third party activities in Twitter back-channels.'

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 14, No. 7: December 2015

Welcome to Vol. 14, Issue No. 7 (DECEMBER 2015) of Pharma Marketing News. DTC Ban Revisited, Digital Disruption, Best of 2015, are the themes of this issue.
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