The Consumer Brief Summary: FDA’s New Thinking Regarding Risk Communication

New FDA guidelines jettison the 'traditional approach' to fulfilling the brief summary requirement and replaces it with what the FDA calls the 'Consumer Brief Summary.' This article summarizes the new guidelines and reviews the need for additional guidelines that specifically address the fair balance section of DTC print ads.

The Next FDA Commissioner Will Be… Industry Pundits Think It’s a Shoe-In. Do You?

In a new survey, Pharma Marketing News asks your opinion about who should be the next FDA commissioner. The survey has been seeded with the candidates mentioned in this article. You can choose one of these or enter your own choice.

Patient Centricity, Transparency, & Pharma’s Reputation: Getting Beyond Lip Service

This article discusses real world examples of patient-centricity in pharmaceutical marketing and the need for more transparency in how pharmaceutical companies partner with patients online.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 14, No. 1: January 2015

Welcome to Volume 14, Issue #1 (JANUARY 2015) of Pharma Marketing News.

The Year 2014 in Images: Pharmaguy’s Favorites from Pharma Marketing Blog

In this article, Pharmaguy presents the best images from Pharma Marketing Blog, which cover topics of importance in 2014: DTC and drug promotion spending, drug risks and adverse events, drug industry reputation, FDA and social media regulatory guidelines, mobile apps, and drug development costs.

2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Pharma: Focus on Mobile, DTC, Patients, Prices, etc.

Here's John Mack's list of 2015 resolutions for pharmaceutical marketers. Hopefully, at least one of these will be kept, although no one is making any promises.

2014 Was a Good Year for FDA & Pharma: Banging Year for Drug Approvals,...

The FDA approved a total of 41 new molecular entities (NMEs) and biologics (BLAs) in 201 4but sent out only a meager 10 advertising enforcement letters in 2014, the fewest ever.

A KOL by Any Other Name: Too Toxic for Everyday Use, or Still the...

This article summarizes the results of the KOL Name Change Survey and discusses how to change the underlying process by which pharma companies choose KOLs.
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