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John Mack, Publisher & Editor

Top Companies, Classes, and Products in the DTC Space

This article provides an overview of DTC spending YTD 2002 compared with YTD 2001. The sources the data are Verispan's Source Prescription Audit and other market research.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 11, No. 11: 27 December 2012

Welcome to Volume 11, Issue #11 (27 December 2012) of Pharma Marketing News.

Balancing Idealistic vs. Realistic CRM Processes

This article is a summary of a panel discussion at CBI's 6th Forum on Customer Relationship Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry, held in New York City, October 17-18, 2003. The panel was chaired by Michael C. Lengel, Partner at Peppers and Rogers Group, and included Sharon Reffett, Director of Customer Systems and Administration at Allergan, John Vaeth, Director, CRM Capability Development at Biogen, and Wendy Jackson, President, Direct Marketing at Publicis.

Pharma Marketing News – Consumer/Patient Education Reprints

Pharma Marketing News is the monthly e-newsletter of the Pharma Marketing Network (www.pharma-mkting.com). It is packed with facts, opinions, and case studies based upon interviews with experts in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. Highlights of presentations from industry conferences, contact lists for experts consulted, and links to references help susbcribers keep up to date on best practices and network with their peers.

Pharma’s Social Media Working Group

This article reviews the Who, What, and Why of Pharma's Social Media Working Group (SMWG) based on a conversation with Mark Gaydos, Senior Director, U.S. Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products at sanofi-aventis, and Cynthia Phillips, Sr Dir Labeling and Promotional Compliance at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Also covered is an analysis of comments the SMWG submitted to the FDA on how pharmaceutical companies should handle off-label and adverse event posts made on social media sites owned or sponsored by them.

The British Pharmaceutical Industry Issues Social Media Guidance for Adverse Event Reporting

Once again the Brits have beaten the US in issuing useful guidelines for social media use by the pharmaceutical industry! As I reported back in April, 2011, the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), which oversees the self-regulatory code of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), published

Understanding Drivers of Patient Behavior to Maximize DTC Effectiveness

In this presentation Sue Ramspacher, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management, Market Measures/Cozint, summarized results of her firm's 2002 DTC Monitor study.

Adobe Connect for eDetailing: Making Physician Communications More Effective

This article focuses on Adobe Connect for eDetailing, a specific collaboration between Adobe and ConnectSolutions, a leading provider of private cloud deployments of web conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Integrating Online & Offline Marketing: Challenges for Pharma

This article focuses on challenges pharma faces integrating their emarketing expertise into brand teams and integrating their online and offline marketing campaigns. Can pharma marketers learn anything from the consumer packaged goods industry?

Patient Detailing at the Point of Care

There are several new strategies and solutions available to pharmaceutical marketers that are designed to increase the education quotient of pharma marketing communications. One such solution is wireless Webpad developed by Phreesia for deployment in doctors' offices.

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