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How to Score With Women (as a Marketer) via Social Media

A conversation with Casey Quinlan, 'Mighty Mouth' at Mighty Casey Media LLC, Zoe Dunn, Principal, Hale Advisors, Richard Meyer, Principal Consultant, Online Strategic Solutions, Jerry Hall, Digital Media Executive, Advisor to Pearescope, about engaging and marketing to women online, especially via social media, which some new media marketers claim is 'all about women.'

Compliance with (Some) New ACCME Rules Not So Easy

A panel of experts at a recent continuing medical education conference discussed issues relating to the compliance with the 2004 Updated ACCME Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure the Independence of CME.

Prepare or Die!

Usually, at this time of the year, editors look back on the major stories of the past year. Let's be different and look forward to the New Year!

The iPad in the Doctor’s Office

The Apple iPad has also become a

OpEd: Pushing the Envelope is Bad for DTC

If the trend [in ED drug advertising] continues, lawmakers-some of whom already are gunning for DTC-are sure to take notice. In my opinion, ED product marketers should declare a moratorium on this ad 'shoot out' before it is too late. It's not doing anything to prove the argument that DTC is educational and it certainly is not sending the right message to the FDA, which just recently issued new guidances applauding the benefits of DTC advertising.

Pharma Marketing Network Survey Results

The ongoing Pharma Marketing Network Improvement Survey continues to yield interesting information about members and their preferences.

Pharmaceutical Compliance with Fair Information Practice Principles

How well do pharmaceutical companies' privacy policies comply with best practices such as the FTC's Fair Information Practice principles? To determine this, an analysis was performed on the privacy policies of the 21 top selling prescription products worldwide (data from 2000). The results are presente in this article.

Could Chill Kill CME?

This question was explored by panelists partici-pating in this month's Pharma Marketing Roundtable conference call, which was focused on pharmaceutical industry support of CME.

PinUp: Making Sense of Direct-to-Consumer Ad Spending: Patients vs. TV vs. Digital, more…

Welcome to the April 4, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). Data about how much money the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends on promoting drugs to consumers come from several sources, which often report different numbers. That makes it difficult to ferret out what portion of the total is spend on TV and digital, the two most interesting channels.

PinUp: Looking Back on Pharma in 2017 – the Year in Images, Charts, and...

Welcome to the January 2, 2018, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp).Happy New Year! It's time for me to share with you an collection of a few of my favorite images, charts and graphs from articles published in Pharma Marketing News - including Pharma Industry News Update & Pharma Marketing Blog - in 2017. Feel free to download these presentations as PDF files so you can click on the links in each slide to gain access to the story behind each image and chart.

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