Novo Nordisk’s Race With Insulin Campaign: It’s Not Just About Twitter

A conversation with Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk Inc., about Novo Nordisk's Race With Insulin Campaign, which includes a branded Twitter account (@racewithinsulin). Ambre will talk about Novo Nordisk's social media goals, but also include other integrated aspects of the campaign.

Towards a Rational FDA Policy Addressing the Internet and Social Media

Arnold Friede, Counsel to the law firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP, talks about organizing a collective response from representatives of the pharma industry to FDA's recent enforcement initiative on the use of sponsored links in search ads and more generally, on FDA's overall approach to regulating social media and the Internet.

A Sharp Way to Improve Patient Adherence: The Sharps Patient Support System

Pharmaguy interviews David P. Tusa, CEO and President, Sharps Compliance, Inc., who describes The Sharps Patient Support System and how his company collects data from sharps containers to determine whether patients are adhering to their medication therapies.

Real Time Patient Intelligence: Gaining Actionable Meaning from Social Media “Big Data”

This podcast with Gideon Mantel, co-founder and CEO of Treato, discusses how a combination of deep healthcare domain expertise, advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms and

Will Twitter’s New API Rules Be Bad for Healthcare?

Twitter just announced a complex, confusing, and developer-alienating system that restricts their once-open, always cherished but now apparently taken for granted API. The new rules change the playing field for third party developers, establish caps on number of users, and shift guidelines to requirements across four categories of businesses. Will these new API restrictions curtail growth of health-related third-party apps and, if so, will that ultimately be

Back to the Pharma Digital Future: A Pharma Social Media Pioneer Looks Back &...

A conversation with Alex Butler, Managing Director at The Earthworks and recipient of the first Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award. We look back over the past three years since Alex won his award at the digital pharma landscape to review what has changed, what remains the same, and what may lie ahead.

Pharma Marketing Talk: Adherence: The Achilles Heel of Drug Efficacy

A conversation with Vesta Brue, CEO of MedSignals, which developed and markets a 4-drug portable med-minding device.

Pharma-Sponsored Mobile Health Gaming Apps: Sanofi’s Mission T1D for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Pharmaguy interviews Becky Reeve, Head of Professional Relations, Diabetes Franchise Sanofi UK & Ireland. We talk about Mission T1D, a new gaming app for children with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Mission T1D aims to support a serious message through gaming and play to encourage children with T1D (and their family, teachers and friends) to learn more about how to live with diabetes.

Patient Assistance Program Rankings – Going Beyond Sales Force Effectiveness to Customer Experience Satisfaction

A conversation with Peter Carlin, Senior Vice President and Ellen Gordon, Research Director, Market Strategies International's Healthcare division, focusing on how pharmaceutical companies can better understand what makes a successful Patient Assistance Program (PAP) and the role of PAPs in influencing a physician's experience with a drug company and improving patient health. As a case study, our guests will summarize Market Strategies' 2008 MSImage Oncology Patient Assistance Program.

Speaker Programs: Endangered Species

In this Pharma Marketing Talk interview, our guest, William D. Cooney, President and CEO, MedPoint Communications, Inc., will lay out the problems of face-to-face speaker programs in today's regulatory, cost-conscious, and busy work-schedule environment. Cooney will give examples of the many benefits of using technology to deliver and manage speaker programs.
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