Pharma Marketing Talk: Adherence: The Achilles Heel of Drug Efficacy

A conversation with Vesta Brue, CEO of MedSignals, which developed and markets a 4-drug portable med-minding device.

A “Comuniti” for Healthcare Professionals: Univadis in France Gets Social

Pharmaguy interviews Thibaud Guymard, Digital Marketing Manager at MSD France, who talks about Comuniti, a new online community that is part of MSD France's Univadis service exclusively for healthcare professionals.

You Want Marketing ROI? You’re Not Ready to Measure ROI!

If You Can't Define It, You Can't Measure It!

Disease Mongering: Is It Real?

A conversation with Neil H. Gray, Managing Partner, Healthcare Trends & Strategies, LLC and Alex Sugerman-Brozan, Director, Prescription Litigation Access Project, about

Improving Patient Outcomes: Engaging Patients to Improve Adherence

A conversation with several speakers from eyeforpharma's 7th Annual Patient Adherence & Engagement Summit. We will discuss the issues related to the latest strategies to boost adherence and improve patient health outcomes, especially from a patient's point of view. Invited participants include Ray Bullman, Executive Vice President, National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE); John Walsh, President, COPD Foundation; Jeanne Barnett, Founder,; Natalie Napolitano, Associate Director of Research and Health Management, COPD Foundation; and Laura Cranston, Executive Director, Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

Cross-Cultural Marketing: Reaching U.S. Hispanics Via TV and Mobile

Pharmaguy interviews Lisa Valtierra, Principal, Valtierra, Principal, Valtierra Consulting and former Associate Director of Cross Cultural Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim. Lisa reveals how Boehringer Ingelheim engaged U.S. hispanics about diabetes in a culturally-relevant manner via TV, mobile, and the Web.

Patient Assistance Program Rankings – Going Beyond Sales Force Effectiveness to Customer Experience Satisfaction

A conversation with Peter Carlin, Senior Vice President and Ellen Gordon, Research Director, Market Strategies International's Healthcare division, focusing on how pharmaceutical companies can better understand what makes a successful Patient Assistance Program (PAP) and the role of PAPs in influencing a physician's experience with a drug company and improving patient health. As a case study, our guests will summarize Market Strategies' 2008 MSImage Oncology Patient Assistance Program.

Increase Access to Hospital-based Physicians with Virtual Pharmacist or Nurse Reps

A conversation with Greg Lee, RPh, Manager of Arista's Clinical Consultant Program, who will discuss how pharmaceutical companies can improve access to hospital-based physicians by deploying remote teams of clinical consultants vs. traditional sales reps.

Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call Contest: Sanofi US to Develop Documentary Featuring Real Patients and...

A conversation with Bruce Braughton, Vice President, Insulin Franchise for Sanofi U.S., about the 'Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call' contest and the use of real patients and their stories in promotional documentaries.

The Importance of Emotion in Evaluating Product Promotion: Insight Into Physicians’ and Patients’ Minds

A conversation with Dr. Jeremy Pincus, Principal and Quantitative Team Leader, Forbes Consulting, about the importance of measuring physician and patient emotions when evaluating product promotions. We talk about his company's proprietary MindSight Emotional Assessment, which is a new way to gather data directly from the emotional brain by 'talking in pictures'.
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