Blogs vs. DTC: What’s Best for Consumers?

Exploring Blogs as a Counter to Other Sources of Drug and Medical Information

A KOL by Any Other Name

Pharmaguy interviews Sanjay Singhvi, Director, System Analytic, about KOL terminology and the research his company conducted around it with KOLs and pharmaceutical executives to determine if the term should be changed and, if so, what term should be used in its place.

The Patients Included Charter: A Roadmap for Patient-Centric Conferences

Pharmaguy interviews Casey Quinlan, Co-Founder at Patients for Clinical Research, journalist, author, ePatient and patient advocate, about Patients Included: A Charter for Conferences and how the pharmaceutical industry can help ensure more patients are able to attend and participate in patient-relevant healthcare conferences.

Narrowcast DTC Advertising

Guest Darin Gilstrap, M.Sc., President & CEO, InnerCityMedicine Networks, LLC. talks about ICMNTV, an out-of-home digital disease awareness television network, which will be narrowcast to an estimated 10,000 medical practices located in urban areas.

What Docs Discuss Online: Will New FDA Guidelines Allow Pharma to Join In?

Pharmaguy interviews Peter Kirk, CEO of Sermo, who talks about the nature and value of physician discussions on Sermo and how pharma can engage docs on social media sites and online discussion boards.

Pharma Marketing Talk: List of Shows By Guest

Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing.

Interactive Widgets for Pharma Marketing

Tony Zito, CEO and Founder of mediaFORGE, describes how his company's widget-ad platform can empower pharmaceutical brands by maximizing their online presence.

Can Humor and Continuing Medical Education Coexist?

Lawrence Sherman, FACME, CCMEP, President and CEO of The Physicians Academy for Clinical and Management Excellence, talks about research he conducted on the use of humor in physician continuing medical education.

Connecting the Social Media Dots: Which Pharma Companies are Succeeding?

PharmaGuy interviews Rebecca Canvin, Social Media Manager, and Rick Evans, Digital Strategist, at Ogilvy Healthworld about the

Racism in the Life Sciences: What Should be the Response?

In this podcast, John Mack discusses The Life Science Profiles of Color (LSPOC) project and blog, with Craig DeLarge of Novo Nordisk and Frad Johnmar of Envision Solutions. LSPOC highlights the vast achievements and contribution of people of color in the life sciences industries.
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