The Patients Included Charter: A Roadmap for Patient-Centric Conferences

Pharmaguy interviews Casey Quinlan, Co-Founder at Patients for Clinical Research, journalist, author, ePatient and patient advocate, about Patients Included: A Charter for Conferences and how the pharmaceutical industry can help ensure more patients are able to attend and participate in patient-relevant healthcare conferences.

Social Media Use by Physicians: Survey Results from the DocCheck Online Physician Community

A conversation with Dr. Frank Antwerpes, President, DocCheck Medical, about the recent survey of the DocCheck physician online community regarding use of social media.

Evaluating Rx & OTC DTC TV Ads: Few Are Outright False But Many May...

A conversation with Adrienne E. Faerber, PhD, and David H. Kreling, PhD, talk about the results of their recently published study on the content analysis of claims made in TV direct-to-consumer (DTC) OTC and Rx drug ads.

Pharma’s Use of Medical Conference Hashtags: Is It Unregulated “Backchannel” Promotion?

Pharmaguy interviews Len Starnes, a digital consultant, who critiques a #MICEproject report, which concluded that the pharmaceutical industry uses medical conference hashtags as unregulated 'backchannels' to exert an equal or greater amount of influence than healthcare providers.

Meet Digital Pharma’s Faculty: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Shwen Gwee and other Digital Pharma 'unconference' faculty members will discuss what's hot and what's not in digital pharma marketing. It's also your opportunity to vent your favorite digital pharma rant! Or just quietly suggest additional topics to be covered at the conference.

Pharma Twitter Best Practices

An ePharma Pioneer Club members-only discussion of the first-ever pharma branded Tweet. What can we learn from this? Is it a good model for other brands to follow?

ABPI Digital Update: Insider Reactions

A conversation with Robert Anderson, Head of Digital Communications, Weber Shandwick UK, about the results of an informal survey of pharma clients regarding ABPI's long-awaited digital guidance update.

Evidence-Based Pharma Marketing: Using Science to Demonstrate Product Value

A conversation with Preeti Pinto, Principal at Preeti Pinto Consulting, LLC and former Executive Director & Head of Promotional Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca US, about the use of comparative effectiveness and health outcomes data in the support of drug promotion to physicians, payers, and consumers.

The (Near) Future of Digital Pharma: Social, Mobile, Analytics, & the Cloud

A discussion with Philippe Kirby, EUCAN MCM IT Director, MSD (Europe) Inc., who previews his presentation at the upcoming 5th Annual Digital Pharma Europe conference. Kirby also discusses what the near future of pharma digital marketing has in store especially regarding use of the iPad, social media, and analytics in physician detailing.

The State of CME in Europe: A Work in Progress

A conversation in which Eugene Pozniak, Managing Director of Siyemi Learning, an independent, UK based provider of CME products and related services. Mr. Pozniak will evaluate the current status and value of CME in Europe, and how it is likely to develop, and what the opportunities and challenges for the future are.

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