Promoting Your Products & Services

The best kind of promotion is an unbiased story featuring or mentioning your product or service (see and example here). Pharma Marketing News is a perfect vehicle for this “content marketing” option. Many thousands of opt-in newsletter subscribers and @Pharmaguy followers have FREE access to the full text of your article as soon as it is published. You also have the option to create a reformatted reprint of your article for a more professional look (see and example here).

Keep in mind that the story is non-promotional. It does not make a pitch for your product or service nor does it have any call to action or pricing information. Its primary purpose is to inform our readers and provide brand recognition for your product or service.

The reprint, on the other hand, is formatted to look like a report or whitepaper and can include your logo, mission statement and contact information as in this example.

A followup dedicated e-mail blast to subscribers and/or Twitter/Social Media Campaign is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your call to action and sell the product or service.

Below, are details of the available service advertising and promotional options. Request the Media Kit & Rate Card for a convenient summary of advertising options and current prices. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your advertising needs and to get a quote.

Product/Service Promotional Options

Pharma Marketing Network provides the following specific options for promoting products and services. Of course, you can also use these individual advertising options to promote your products and/or services.

Review Article Example Reprint Example Podcast Interview Twitter/Social Media Campaign