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Featured Conference
10 - 11 July 2017 | Philadelphia, PA

ExL Events' eRegulatory Submissions Summit will feature in-depth discussions about best practices for the electronic submissions process and protocols for IDMP, RIMS, global and regulatory submissions. Attendees will hear obstacles submitters encounter during the preparation, filing and management of regulatory submissions and ways that industry leaders are overcoming those challenges to deliver a successful electronic submission. More...
March 2017
5th Annual Pharma Labeling Compliance Conference
28 - 30 March 2017 | Boston, MA
April 2017
eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2017
eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2017

A new pharma: Trusted partnerships that prioritize patient value
20 - 21 April 2017 | Philadelphia, PA

6th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West
6th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West

The #1 conference series for medical device marketers.
24 - 27 April 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast
Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast

Hear from industry leaders, regulatory experts and leading pharmaceuticals to understand and develop good strategy and practice of pre-filled syringes.
26 - 27 April 2017 | Boston, MA

Biosimilars North America
PCC 2017 -CBI's 14th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress

Progressive Insights from the World's Most Experienced Compliance Professionals on the Issues that Matter
26 - 28 April 2017 | Washington, DC
May 2017
Digital Pharma Europe
8th Digital Pharma Europe

Connect with and learn from Europe's leading life science marketers.
17 - 19 May 2017 | London, UK
June 2017
Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast
Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast

Address and Overcome the Challenges of the Pre-Filled Syringe Marketplace
6 - 7 June 2017 | San Diego, CA

Digital Pharma West
Digital Pharma West

Enabling End-to-End Digitization of Your Enterprise Through Transformation, Business Model and Channel Optimization
13 - 15 June 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Patient Engagement & Technology Summit
Patient Engagement & Technology Summit

Novel Processes and Tools for Activating Patients and Infusing Insights Back into the Business
22 - 23 June 2017 | Philadelphia, PA
July 2017
eRegulatory Submissions Summit
eRegulatory Submissions Summit

Share challenges and techniques for how to deliver a successful electronic submission
11 - 12 July 2017 | Philadelphia, PA
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