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The following compendiums are comprehensive collections of Pharma Marketing Network article, blog post, podcast, and survey summaries focused on specific topics.
Compendiums are meant to be read while connected to the Internet.

Each compendium includes summaries of articles linked to full PDF or Web versions of the articles hosted on Pharma Marketing Network and Pharma Marketing Blog. To access the full article, click anywhere within the summary while connected to the Internet. Compendiums may also include several full articles that do not require any additional action to read and enjoy. Within these articles, however, may be links to further information and documents that can either be downloaded as PDF files or viewed with your Web browser.

These are "living" documents that are updated on a regular basis as new relevant articles become available. Subscribers to Pharma Marketing News and followers of Pharmaguy on Twitter are notified when new versions are published.

Pharmaguy's Mobile & Disruptive Digital Technology Compendium
Mobile, mHealth Apps, IoT and Beyond!

Pharma Mobile & mHealth Reprint CatalogPharmaguy's Mobile & Disruptive Digital Technology Compendium is a collection of original articles, blog posts, podcasts, surveys, and curated content about the pharmaceutical industry's adoption and use of mobile and disruptive technologies for commercial purposes.

Table of Contents (partial):
  • What Types of Health Info Do Mobile Users Seek?
  • Forget Mobile-Enabled Web - You Need an App for That And Video!
  • Checking Under the Hood of Pharma Mobile Apps
  • Apple's Move to Tighten Health App Rules
  • Novartis Heart Partner Mobile App
  • A Rare Rx Drug Branded Mobile App for Patients
  • Pfizer Shuns "Next Shiny Thing" When Developing Mobile Health Apps
  • A Call for Pharma to Develop Mobile Health "Guiding Principles"
  • Mount Sinai Platform Curates Digital Health Apps
  • The Sorry State of Pharma Mobile Health Apps
  • Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps
  • Can Pharma "Triage" All the Digital Innovation Ideas It Receives?
  • Wearables, Ingestibles, Implantables
  • The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises & Barriers
  • Growth of the Internet of Things - Infographic
  • The Opportunities & Obstacles for Pharma's Use of IoT
Update 11 January 2017

Download the full text PDF file here:

Pharmaguy's Social Media Compendium
A Comprehensive History & Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry's Social Media Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

Pharmaguy's Social Media CompendiumWelcome to Pharmaguy's Social Media Compendium, which is a collection of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and surveys, all documenting the use of social media by the pharmaceutical industry from 2005 through 2016. Through this compendium you are able to relive the fascinating history of the pharmaceutical industry's social media trials & tribulations and even some triumphs!

Table of Contents (partial):
  • The Pharmaguy Social Media Timeline
  • Social Media Pharma Marketing: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't?
  • Pharma's Social Media Marketing Readiness Score
  • Pharma on Instagram
  • Top Pharma Companies on Pinterest
  • Flowchart: How Pharma Can Handle Every Type of Comment
  • Pharma's Use of Medical Conference Twitter Hashtags
  • Celebrities + Social Media: Balancing Benefits and Risks
  • FDA Publishes First Piece of Long-Awaited Social Media Guidance
  • Correcting Independent 3rd-Party "Misinformation"
  • Digitally Savvy Women Pharma Pioneers
  • BI Receives the 2014 PharmaGuy Social Media Pioneer Award
  • Social Media, Latent Spokespersons & Native Advertising
  • Right & Wrong Ways to Correct Misinformation on Wikipedia
  • FDA Guidance on Responding to Requests for Off-Label Information
  • Moderation Best Practices for Pharma Social Networks
  • How to Manage the Online Conversation
  • Overcoming Space Limitations in Social Media
  • Social Media Adverse Event Reporting Safe Harbors
  • The Role of Social Media in Managing Chronic Diseases
  • AstraZeneca Hosts First-Ever Twitter Chat
  • PMCPA Issues Social Media Guidance for Pharma
  • The Future of Pharma-Sponsored Twitter & Other Social Media Chats
  • Pharma Twitter Pioneers Recognized
Updated 7 January 2017.

Download the full text PDF file here:

Pharma Marketing Ethics & Corporate Reputation Compendium
Bad, Devalued, Distrusted & Defensive Pharma

Pharma Marketing Ethics & Corporate Reputation CompendiumWelcome to The Pharma Marketing Ethics & Corporate Reputation Compendium, which is a catalog of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and surveys about the pharmaceutical industry's marketing practices viz-a-viz ethics and its corporate reputation.

Table of Contents:
  • Fixing Pharma's Reputation
  • Bad, Devalued, Distrusted & Defensive Pharma
  • Big Bad Pharma
  • Corporate Reputation in the New Media World
  • A Call to Action
  • GSK Strikes Back with a Grassroots Campaign
  • Pharma's Bad Rep or Bad Rap
  • How the Drug Industry Can Earn Back the Public's Trust
  • Self-Regulation as a Collective Blocking Strategy
  • The Truth About the Drug Companies
  • Will Ethics Revive (Exhume?) the Drug Industry's Reputation?
Download the full text PDF file here:


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Each issue of Pharma Marketing News is packed with facts, opinions, and case studies based upon interviews with experts in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. Highlights of presentations from industry conferences and links to references help subscribers keep up to date on best practices and network with their peers.

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