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Stakeholder Effectiveness
Maximizing the Value of Your Interactions with Multiple Stakeholders


Kantar Health, a leading global, evidence-based decision support partner to the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies, recently delivered the highly anticipated 2011 results of its annual Stakeholder Effectiveness survey, which revealed that over two-thirds of respondents from leading companies in the pharmaceutical sector think that customer retention is a key performance measure.

The top-line results of this survey of physicians were presented in a September 21, 2011, webinar. This article is a summary of the presentations made by Sylvia Lifschitz, Ph.D., Vice President, Kantar Health, and Mark Sales, Head of Global Brand & Stakeholder Management, Kantar Health.

Topics include:

  • The importance of getting the right metric to measure your sales organization.
  • How the pharma sales force is changing and its impact on the industry.
  • Key findings regarding what your customers want and what they value in their pharma relationships.
  • How to leverage stakeholder effectiveness to achieve results and create customer relationships.
  • Insights from Kantar Health's new payer research.

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 17
Publication date: 10 November 2011
Word Count: 2572

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