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Marketing's Role in Limiting Physician Access
What to Do About It

"The pharmaceutical industry has only itself to blame for limited physician access and two minute sales calls," claims Gerald J. Acuff Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Delta Point, a sales agency that enhances the effectiveness of sales representatives. He was speaking at the recent Gaining Physician Access conference hosted by the Center for Business Intelligence in Philadelphia. This review of Mr. Acuff's presentation includes the following points covered in the presentation:
  • Includes physician survey data about what physicians value in a sales rep
  • How did the pharmaceutical industry get into this mess?
  • What is the number one people skill that pharmaceutical companies don't teach that they should?
  • What was marketing's role in limiting physician access and how can they correct it?
  • How does sales messaging impact physician access?

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 3: March 2005
Word Count: 1152

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