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Marketing in the Post-Vioxx Era
Shedding New Light on Risk Communications

At a recent Pharmaceutical Executive Annual Marketing Summit in Philadelphia, a panel of experts moderated by Patrick Clinton, Editor-in-Chief of PE Magazine, discussed pharmaceutical marketing in the "post-Vioxx" Era. The panel, titled "The Post-Vioxx Era: Shedding New Light on Drug Safety, Risk Communications, and Advertising," examined shortcomings in the current regulatory system and discussed opportunities for improvement.

This article summarizes the discussion. Topics headings include:

  • DTC Straight Talk
  • Strategic Marketing Goals
  • Quality of Revenue
  • Benefits of Lathian's eLearning Solution
  • Over Estimating the Market: What Our Survey Revealed
  • The Role of the Physician
  • Between You and Your Doctor
  • Evidence-Based Marketing and Compliance
  • The Next Vioxx is Inevitable

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 5: May 2005
Word Count: 2015

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Vol 4, #5 Contents

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