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Pharma Marketing Talk™ is hosted by Pharmaguy, a pharma marketing pundit, the publisher of Pharma Marketing Blog & the Chief Pharmaguy at Pharmaguy is also a contributor to Pharma Marketing News. Pharma Marketing Talk features interviews with leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing.
Upcoming Show(s)
Stop the Mobile Insanity! New Strategies for Pharma in the mHealth MarketStop the Mobile Insanity! New Strategies for Pharma in the mHealth Market

Pharmaguy interviews Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Managing Director, research2guidance, who talks about his company's Pharma App Benchmarking 2014 report and what changes pharmaceutical companies must make in order to deliver more useful mHealth apps for healthcare professionals and patients and thereby become successful in the mHealth market.

Airs LIVE on: Thursday, 19 Feb 2015 | 10:00 AM Eastern US

Click here for more information and instructions for listening.

Most Recent Show
Sizzle Sells, Even for Doctors
Are Better Headlines Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Pharmaguy on BlogTalkRadio

Pharmaguy interviews Jeff Tangney, CEO & Founder, Doximity, who talks about physician clinical reading patterns and trends and the impact on patient care. The discussion focuses on how Doximity has added some "sizzle" to life-saving medical news to make it more readable and engaging for its online physician community.

Aired LIVE on: Thursday, 8 Jan 2015

Click here for more background information and to listen.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I listen to a show?

Your computer must have the Windows Media Player. You can download the latest version at the Windows Media Download Site. There is a version of Windows Media Player for Mac users as well.


How can I call in live and speak with a host?

You can contact the host in two ways. You can call the host during the blogshow using any phone, whether it be a landline, mobile, VOIP, soft phone, etc.

To reach the host by phone, dial the phone number that appears on the Programming Guide or on the Pharma Marketing Talk Host Channel page (347 996-5894). You will be automatically placed into a queue where you will be able to hear the live show. When the host takes your call, you will be live on the air and audible to his or her audience. However, you can and may be muted according to the host's discretion.


This is a phone interview that goes out LIVE via the Web. It is imperative that GUESTS call on time to the number below:

The dialin number is +1 (347) 996-5894

Please dial in a few minutes **BEFORE** the scheduled time -- eg, 5-10 minutes before. We can talk and test the connection at that time, but will have to remain silent during the last minute before the show starts.

Please use a good quality landline connection. You can use a speakerphone so that several people at once can be on the line. Please limit background noise!


If you have colleagues that just want to listen in, do NOT tell them to call the number above. That number is just for guests and for people to call in with questions during the show.

For people who just want to listen in or join the chat, have them go online to the John Mack/Pharma Marketing BlogTalkRadio Page and click on the desired show.


You can also participate in the concurrent chat session. Registration of a username and pwd is required to participate in a chat session during the show.


How do I apply to be a guest on the show?

Fill out the Online Guest Request Form and we will contact you.


Is the discussion done in a studio or over the phone?

It's all done by phone. The guest calls in at the start of the show and I have a switchboard that brings the call online and into conference with my phone. So it's like talking via conference call. Up to 5 people can be live at a time.


Can the interviewee/guest make use of the podcast for his or her own use?

Yes. Guests are encouraged to link to the podcast archive of their show or embed the show's playback widget on their Web sites.


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