ePharma Marketing Volume 1
ePharma Supplement CovereMarketing is a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely known that the percent of the pharmaceutical marketing budget spent in the “e” space has remained below 5% since the dawn of the commercial Internet!

Many experts, however, believe that pharma eMarketing is at a tipping point and that pharmaceutical companies are poised to shift substantial ad spending from TV and other media to the Internet.

The selection of articles in this Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News was chosen to give you a better perspective on pharma eMarketing. Included are real world case studies that illustrate the advantages of eMarketing such as depth of information, interaction, relationship building and superior customer engagement.

approx. 45 pages.


    Regulations, Laws, Best Practices, Trends:

  • Applying FDA Marketing Regulations to Internet Promotions… pg. 2
  • Immutable Laws of DTC Domain Naming… pg. 2
  • Table: Selected Pharmaceutical Website Marketing Violations… pg. 3
  • E-mail Marketing Best Practices for Pharma… pg. 4
  • Some State and Federal Laws Impacting E-mail Marketing… pg. 6
  • Physician-focused eMarketing:

  • eDetailing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow… pg. 9
  • The Role of Tablet PCs in Pharma Sales and Marketing… pg. 13
  • DocCheck: Das Portal… pg. 16
  • How European Physicians use the Internet… pg. 17
  • The European eMarketing Scene… pg. 20
  • European Online Marketing and eDetailing Survey Results… pg. 24
  • ePrescribing: What Role Should Pharma Play?… pg. 25
  • Consumer-focused eMarketing:

  • Searching for Answers on Search Engine Marketing?… pg. 28
  • The Absolute, Relative, and Incremental ROI of DTC eMarketing… pg. 31
  • cDetailing: Addressing the Consumer Education Gap… pg. 33
  • Blogs and the Pharmaceutical Industry… pg. 36
  • Paid Inclusion: Too Hot for Pharma Marketing?… pg. 39
  • Online Health-Related Stats Cited by Google… pg. 40
  • Can Health Web Sites Improve Compliance?… pg. 44

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