Sales Force Effectiveness Increase Physician Access and Detailing Effectiveness
SFE Supplement CoverEveryone knows that pharma sales reps are less effective than they used to be. Although the pharmaceutical sales force has doubled between 1995 and 2000, the number of audited calls has only increased by 10%.

Through articles and real-world case studies this Special Supplement presents the collective wisdom of many marketing experts who offer solutions to the problem of decreasing sales rep effectiveness and decreasing return on the physician marketing dollar.

The information in this Special Supplement is certain to give you a better understanding of the issues relating to physician access and how to improve the effectiveness of your physician marketing and sales campaigns.

approx. 26 pages.


  • A Crisis in Professional Detailing… pg. 2
  • Marketing’s Role in Limiting Physician Access… pg. 4
  • Finding the “Right Stuff” to Revitalize Sales Productivity… pg. 6
  • Facilitating Physician Access and Education Through Online Conferencing… pg. 7
  • The Targeted Model… pg. 9
  • Limbic Market Research… pg. 11
  • Intelligent Online Sampling Strategies… pg. 13
  • Increase Prescription Sales with Smart Tools at the Point of Care… pg. 16
  • A Novel Approach to Communicating with Physicians… pg. 18
  • Increase Sales Representative Performance and Productivity by Building Collaborative Physician Relationships… pg. 20
  • Promoting Pull Through Prescriptions via Value-Added Free Medical Practice Web Sites and Patient Education… pg. 21
  • Gauging Physician Behavior and CE Impact with Two-Way, Real Time, Web-Based Technology… pg. 22
  • Live, Online, Interactive Conference with Experts to Provide Detailed Product Information to Physicians… pg. 23
  • Audio with Synchronized Visuals Streaming Over Low Bandwidth Internet Connections for Physician Detailing… pg. 24
  • Online Content Management System for Sales and Marketing Representatives… pg. 25


  • Percentage of Physicians Indicating Sales Rep Attribute is Valuable
  • US promotional Spending by Pharma Breakout
  • Impact of Sampling on Physician Prescribing
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Influence on Physician Prescribing
  • Percent of Physicians Rating Information Services Good or Excellent (Internet, Reps, Journals, Symposia)
  • PDR Subscriber Survey
  • MD Consult Survey
  • Sources for Learning Prescribing Information

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