Reprint List Are Sales Reps Necessary?

Steve Woodruff, Founder and Principal Consultant of Impactiviti, and John Mack team up to review eyeforpharma’s Sales Effectiveness conference, which was co-located with the eCommunication & Online Marketing Conference.

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Balancing Idealistic vs. Realistic CRM Processes

This article is a summary of a panel chaired by Michael C. Lengel, Partner at Peppers and Rogers Group, and included Sharon Reffett, Director of Customer Systems and Administration at Allergan, John Vaeth, Director, CRM Capability Development at Biogen, and Wendy Jackson, President, Direct Marketing at Publicis.

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Big Pharma Sales Analytics for the Rest of Us

OnDemandIQ Inc., a Los Angeles based company, provides OnDemandIQ Insights’ Life Sciences, which is an affordable web-hosted business intelligence solution for smaller companies.

Topics covered include:

  • Small Company, Same Challenges
  • Combining Software and Services
  • Sales/Activity Reporting
  • Performance Report Cards
  • Analysis On-Demand

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Building a Blockbuster

Moving Towards a New Service Model

TNS Healthcare research suggests that you can enhance your chances of building a blockbuster brand by developing a customer-driven approach that focuses more on building relationships with physicians than does the traditional detailing model. In support of this, TNS surveyed primary care physicians in the US and 5 European countries. The results are summarized in this article.

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Building the “New” Pharma Physician Marketing Model

MedTera’s HC Professional “Life Long Learning” Platform

This article reviews MedTera’s HC Professional “Life Long Learning” Platform — branded integrated physician marketing solutions — and presents a summary of research on how brand teams see the mix of marketing tactics changing over the next several years.

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Building the Optimal Service Model

Creating the Right Physician Experiences to Drive Business

This article presents a summary of a recent TNS Healthcare webinar and personal conversations with presenters conducted beforehand. Included are NEW research results about how US and European physicians rate pharmaceutical companies against a number of customer value points that are important in achieving success with the new sales model.

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Closed-Loop Patient Education: MedTera and HealthPrize Team Up to Improve Medication Adherence & Health Outcomes

MedTera and HealthPrize Team Up to Improve Medication Adherence & Health Outcomes

MedTera recently partnered with HealthPrize Technologies, a web-based software company that motivates people to fill and stay on prescription medications, to bring together MedTera’s online and offline educational resources and HealthPrize’s online, interactive platform to educate people about their chronic diseases and incentivize them for taking their medications as prescribed.

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Current Issues and Future Prospects for Sales Force Effectiveness

The industry will have to adapt its sales model to meet the new challenges ahead. This article offers insights on the new sales model and how to achieve it from pharma experts who presented at a recent eyeforpharma Sales Force Effectiveness Summit.

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The European eMarketing Scene: Desperately Seeking Strategy

The pharmaceutical industry is struggling to develop an eMarketing strategy in Europe, which is comprised of many relatively small markets (the member countries of the EU) having significant cultural and language differences.

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Evolve Your Brand into a Relationship with Consumers and Physicians

This article is a review of a presentation by Keli Bennett, Consumer Marketing Director at Abbott Laboratories, where she contrasts and compares DR marketing and traditional DTC strategies and presents a Case Study showing the ROI benefit of integrating the two approaches.

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Eyes on the Adherence Prize: How HealthPrize Uses Financial Incentives and Fun to Change Patient Behavior

This article provides details about the HealthPrize’s innovative, compelling approach to solving one of pharma’s most perplexing puzzle: how to improve medication adherence. Included is a summary of a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast interview of Tom Kottler, CEO, and Katrina S. Firlik, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize.

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Finding the “Right Stuff” to Revitalize Sales Productivity

Declining sales force productivity is a major issue on the minds of sales managers and corporate executives of pharmaceutical companies large and small. More and more physicians are limiting face time and closing their doors to sales reps. The solution, according to Hossam Sadek, VP of Sales Force Effectiveness, IMS Health, is for pharmaceutical sales management to focus on relationships and the metrics that drive relationships, to enable reps to deliver tailored messages that truly impact the prescribers in their territory.

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GSK Strikes Back with a Grassroots Campaign

Mike Pucci, Vice President of External Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline, discusses his strategy to get the word out about the good that the pharmaceutical industry is doing.

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Increase Prescription Sales with Smart Tools

Realizing the limitations of the printed package insert (PI), Wellscape, a technology company that provides software solutions designed to improve patient care has developed Smart-PI, which distills complex prescribing information and packages it in portable, stand-alone real-time tools accessible from web sites and available for desktop and Tablet PCs and PDAs.

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The iPad as a Pharma Marketing Platform

Is It a Game-Changer for Consumer & Physician Access?

This article summarizes how the iPad is currently being used by the pharmaceutical industry, how it is being adopted by physicians, and what the roadblocks are to using it for eDetailing.

Topics include:

  • iPad – What’s It Good For?
  • The iPad as a Pharma Marketing Platform
  • GoMeals
  • More Consumer Apps
  • Opening Doors to Physicians
  • Many Physicians Plan to Buy It

  • iPad for eDetailing
  • Featured on Pharma Marketing Talk Radio
  • Is It Just Another Tablet Device?
  • Does No Flash Mean No eDetailing?
  • iAds for Pharma?
  • Is Pharma Blocking or Supporting iPad Use by Sales Reps?

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Is Your Marketing Head in the Cloud?

The Appature Nexus Marketing Cloud Software Platform

Appature, a unique software-as-a-service provider, sees this as an immense opportunity to couple the vast amount of data available to healthcare marketers with relationship marketing technology to discover new methods to personalize and optimize campaigns to both consumers and healthcare professionals. This article reviews Appature Nexus, a Marketing Cloud software platform that drives sales growth through an integrated marketing database, campaign management tool and reporting/analytics engine.

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Mobile Medical Reference: An Effective Door Opener for Sales Reps

Pharmaceutical companies are searching for new, creative solutions to the problem of decreasing sales rep effectiveness. One such solution is to provide physicians with value-added smart tools to allow them instant access to up-to-date prescribing and treatment information.

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Personalized e-Marketing – How can you create and profit from a customer’s lifetime experience?

Instead of talking about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Philippe Barzin, former Director of Connectivity at Johnson & Johnson, focused on HRM or “Healthcare Relationship Management.” To demonstrate the effectiveness of “customer-oriented surround marketing” and personalization, Barzin used BabyCenter, a J&J consumer-focused web site, as a case study.

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A Primer on Pharma Employee Blogging

There is some movement within a few pharmaceutical companies toward implementing employee blogs. But before any pharmaceutical company dives into blogging, there are a few fundamentals that should be considered for developing a strategy for employee blogging.

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Putting the Customer Back in Customer Relationship Management

This article features the thoughts of Derek Evans, Vice President, Global Solutions Marketing at Dendrite International, on how to put the customer back in Customer Relationship Management. Evans emphasized the compound effect of excessive focus on high prescribers and the restrictions of formularies and government regulations.

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Reinventing the Sales Model

Moving from Sales to Service

It’s unrealistic to do away with sales reps altogether, but dramatic change is needed. TNS Healthcare experts talk about moving beyond current approaches to a new sales model–one with the right balance of selling and service to forge the strong physician relationships that drive long-term prescribing.

TNS Healthcare experts talk about moving beyond current approaches to a new sales model.

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Sales Reps Debate Their Value

As Heard on CafePharma

When pharmaceutical sales reps are asked about the value of sales reps, you get some surprising comments. Tghis article summarizes some of the responses – including the good, the bad, and the ugly – from CafePharma members to the question “Are Sales Reps Necessary?”

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Strategies for Enhanced Physician Targeting and Segmentation

Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D., CEO of the global pharmaceutical marketing and research firm V2 GfK, presents strategies for enhanced physician targeting and segmentation.

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Tailoring CRM Solutions to Your Business Strategy

Real World examples of CRM assessment and initial implementation, highlighting early best practices in CRM deployment.

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The Targeted Model: The Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Remember the good days of pharmaceutical marketing? When pharmaceutical reps and doctors had personal relationships? When the sales rep was the dominant influencer of physician prescribing behavior? When reps were knowledgeable and provided the physician with useful information that couldn’t be gotten anywhere else?

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To Build Patient Adherence, Pfizer Puts Technology Behind The Curtain

This article summaries a presentation made by Diane Stafford, Head of Patient Relationship Marketing for Pfizer UK at a recent eyeforpharma entitled “The E-nabled Patient: Using Technology to help build valuable patient relationships,” Ms. Stafford asserted that you “can’ t use technology as [a compliance program] delivery mechanism if it’s not right.”

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Understanding the Strategic Value of MSLs

Strategically Envisioned, Yet Tactically Measured

This article by contributing author Neil Gray, examines why the industry’s current use of tactical value measures for MSLs might ultimately prove limiting by positioning MSLs inappropriately and inhibiting their broader involvement in organizational and stakeholder problem-solving.

The author examines how tomorrow’s MSL might be employed by Pharma and discusses the strategic movement of MSLs into the competitive intelligence space, teaching roles, strategic input to and evaluation of portfolio development, and investor relations.

Topics and issues covered include:

  • Difficult Times Lie Ahead
  • Numerous Stakeholder Challenges
  • What Do KOLs Want?
  • Moving From Science Discussants to Knowledge Directors
  • What the Future May Hold

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Use of Twitter for Patient Support

Twitter has often been hyped as a great way to support customers. The customers of pharma are physicians and patients. But pharma Twitter accounts offer very little in terms of patient support. This article summarizes a survey that asked respondents to evaluate several ways in which Twitter could be used to improve patient support.

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YouPharma: New Rules for Pharma Marketing and Social Media

Highlights from a Pharma Roundtable discussion and comments from several bloggers in the Pharma Blogosphere about pharma use of social media.

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