Finding the Consumer Within the Patient Insights Into How Healthcare Decisions are Made

Self Care Catalyst SwishSelf Care Catalysts’ Patient Intelligence Insights Guide™ on Diabetes is the only integrated patient-and consumer-centric report that explores how people suffering from an invisible condition such as diabetes actually circumnavigate their health condition, using the unique Self Care Health Decision Making Dynamics framework™. It is an example of what Grace Soyao, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Self Care Catalysts Inc., a health research and strategy company, means by “Finding the Consumer within the Patient.”

The Patient Intelligence Insights Guide™ dissects and connects information and insights that will enable market researchers, marketers, business development managers, innovation champions and health care professionals to use it for business planning.

This article is a summary of conversations with Soyao about her company’s research and findings into complex patient decision making and behavior and how to translate that research into an actionable marketing plans for pharma brand managers.

Topic headings include:

  • The Self-Care Views
  • Pharma Needs to be More Patient Centric
  • FIGURE: The Patient Intelligence Insights Guide Map from “Diabetes Patient Intelligence Insights™”
  • Survey of 4,500 North Americans
  • Self Care Opportunity Discovery
  • Enablers, Stoppers, Accelerators

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 11
Publication date: 21 June 2011
Word Count: 1463

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