Evidence-Based Pharma Marketing Using Science to Demonstrate Product Value
Preeti PintoA conversation with Preeti Pinto (see bio), Principal at Preeti Pinto Consulting, LLC and former Executive Director & Head of Promotional Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca US, about the use of comparative effectiveness and health outcomes data in the support of drug promotion to physicians, payers, and consumers.

RandD v MarketingFor marketing professionals, market access is the key to success. Doctors, payers and consumers are asking for value based on evidence. Being able to prove the value of a particular product may be the best method for increasing sales. Pharma marketing executives need the tools and knowledge necessary to use scientific and health outcomes data for proving product value and gaining market access.

Some Questions/Topics Discussed:

  • Let’s define what we mean by evidence-based marketing in the context of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Why do you think that Evidence Based Marketing is the future of Drug Promotion?
  • How are pharma companies communicating such information now and is the information adequate?
  • What value does comparative effectiveness data add to new products vs. costs when these products are compared to other approved therapies or generics?
  • What are customers demanding? Are their needs being met?
  • What do you think prevents pharma companies from communicating such information? Is FDA regulations standing in the way?

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 5
Publication date: 10 March 2011
Word Count: n/a

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