The Changing Role of Pharma Sales Reps Reaching Physicians Requires a New Level of Sophistication

No Cookie Cutter RepPharma companies need to drive maximum value out of products and they can’t do that with a “one-size-fits-all” cookie-cutter approach to deploying field forces.

Although the pharmaceutical industry has been historically slow to embrace change in its sales approach, decreasing margins are driving even the most reluctant to find more flexible approaches at a lower cost to meet the needs of its ever widening customer population. Discussions with industry leaders testify to this fact, and although each company interviewed may have its own perception on how the sales models will evolve, many brand managers will look to outsourced providers for guidance in these areas and to take advantage of the expertise these providers can bring to the table.

This article is a summary of an interview of Nancy Lurker, CEO of PDI, Inc., which provides promotional outsourced services to healthcare companies.

Topics include:

  • Value Outcome Selling
  • Factors Driving the Change
  • Chart: Recent Major U.S. Sales Force Reductions
  • Chart: Drug Industry Layoffs from 2000 through 2010.
  • Demand for High Quality Reps Increasing
  • Table: Expected Patent Expirations – Top 16 Therapeutic Areas
  • Interview of Nancy Lurker
  • The Need for a Flexible Sales Force
  • Chart: Evolving Representative Classifications
  • Qualifications for Today’s Reps

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 7
Publication date: 15 April 2011
Word Count: 2062

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