The Virtual Sales Rep It’s Not About eDetailing!
Evolution of the Pharma Sales Rep As reported not too long ago in the Wall Street Journal, “many physicians no longer have the time to take the calls and some doctors refuse to see pharmaceutical representatives out of concern about improper promotions.” Access to prescribers by sales reps has declined steadily since 2008.

When half of your customers don’t want to interact with you the way you want to interact with them, it’s a problem.

Meanwhile, a growing number of doctors prefer digital communications and the pharmaceutical industry is currently in the process of moving its sales force to a smaller structure that is more directly aligned with this new reality. One aspect of that change is the deployment of “virtual” sales reps. This article presents a Wockhardt USA case, which employed the vRep virtual sales rep platform.

Items include (partial list):

  • What Are Reps Absolutely Needed For?
  • Physician Access Continues to Decline
  • What’s the Cost of a Sales Rep Visit?
  • The Virtual Sales Rep – A Case Study

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Issue: Vol. 13, No. 3: March 2014

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