FDA Sets Up a Roadblock for Branded Rx Promotional Tweets Are There Any Useful Detours or Workarounds?
FDA Tweet Blocks PharmaThe pharmaceutical industry had to wait more than five years for FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) to finally publish the guidance document “Internet/Social Media Platforms with Character Space Limitations — Presenting Risk and Benefit Information for Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices” on June 18, 2014.

This article reviews the FDA’s guidance on how pharma marketers must present both benefit and risk information within a “promotion” of FDA-regulated medical products via electronic/digital platforms that are associated with character space limitations: i.e., specifically through social media such as Twitter and through online paid search (e.g., “sponsored links” on search engines such as Google and Yahoo). The review also includes some ideas on how pharma marketers may be able to use Twitter for branded Rx messages and still be compliant with the new FDA guidelines.

Topics include (partial list):

  • Drug Safety Alerts Road Closure
  • R.I.P. “One-Click Rule”
  • FDA Examples #FAIL!
  • The Short & the Long of It
  • Reminder Ads: A Good Detour?
  • What About Workarounds?
  • Chain of Tweets
  • Tweets with Images
  • Twitter Cards

Download the full text PDF file here:

Issue: Vol. 13, No. 6: June 2014

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