Is Your Medical Device Ready for Consumers? More Devices Will Opt for DTC
You’ve spent a king’s ransom getting your medical device ready to market. It’s passed all the regulatory requirements. You have the clinical studies that prove its validity. You have a story to tell, but whom do you tell it to?

It’s not always clear whether your marketing dollars should be spent on DTC marketing. Amy Siegel, Vice President, Health Advances, LLC, a healthcare strategy consulting company located in Weston, MA, offered some clear advice on how to determine if DTC is appropriate for a medical device. She was speaking at a recent Direct to Consumer Strategies for Medical Devices conference in Chicago organized by the Center for Business Intelligence. Mark Speers, Co-founder and Managing Director of Health Advances also participated in the presentation.

Siegel shares strategies for evaluating whether your product is ready for a DTC campaign based on characteristics of the disease, the patient population, the payment vehicles, the clinical specialty and the nature of the therapy.

The article includes the following sections:

  • More Devices Will Opt for DTC
  • Acne Treatment Device Case Study
  • Co-op Advertising

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 10: November/December 2004
Word Count: 1020

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