Sales Rep Assessment Review: Shoot the Messenger, the Message, or Both?
Getting sales representatives in front of doctors is still the most effective way to present the “story” of a drug, according to Hank McKinnell, CEO of Pfizer. The story is the marketing messages contained in the detail aid and talking points that sales reps use when calling upon physicians. Getting the story right and delivering it effectively is more important than ever and it is crucial that sales reps get proper training.

This article is a review of Metamorph, Inc.’s methodology of using specially trained physicians to assess and validate sales strategy, marketing messages and sales aids of pharmaceutical companies based on real-time calls with reps using a standardised set of data points.

Topics covered include:

  • Benchmarking Benefits Marketers, Trainers, Reps
  • Rep Skill Trends
  • Case Study
  • Dr Certified Representative

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 10: November 2005
Word Count: 1576

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