DocCheck Das Portal for German & Other EU Healthcare Professionals
Pharmaceutical marketing is alive and well in Europe: European physician and patient portals, which offer pharmaceutical marketing services, thrive despite the ban on DTC. This was evident from the enthusiastic interaction between speakers and attendees at the recent European Medical Portal Meeting 2005 that was recently held in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was organized by DocCheck, an Internet-based healthcare professional portal that brings together pharmaceutical companies and their clients (physicians, pharmacists, etc.).

This article describes the services offered by DocCheck and specifically focuses on the portal’s market research and physician-targeting capabilities, which any pharmaceutical marketer wishing to do professional marketing in Germany should know more about.

Topics covered include:

  • Day of the Portals
  • Universal Physician Password
  • eDetailing in Europe
  • How European Physicians Use the Internet
  • DocCheck e-Research
  • Patient Panels
  • Recruitment of Physicians and Consumers for e-Research

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 11: December 2005
Word Count: 1997

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