Protecting Your Brand with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Review: Cardinal Health’s portfolio of brand security technologies
Drug counterfeiting puts the general public at risk. It is estimated that up to 25% of the medicines consumed in poor countries are counterfeit or substandard. Counterfeit drugs hurt pharmaceutical companies’ bottom lines as well. An estimated $30 billion worth of drugs are counterfeited each year and that number is expected to increase.

“A drug brand is a valuable asset that deserves protection from counterfeiting,” says Renard Jackson, Executive VP Sales & Mktg. for Cardinal Health’s Packaging Services business. Counterfeiting can lead to loss of brand integrity, which can hurt a manufacturer for many years and affect the image and performance of other products, said Jackson.

This article reviews Cardinal Health’s portfolio of brand security technologies.

Topics covered include:

  • Counterfeiting Risk to Consumers and Manufacturers
  • Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Measures for Brand Security
  • Overt, Covert, and Forensic Anti-counterfeiting Features
  • Anti-Counterfeit Packaging, Inks, and Holograms
  • RFID: Project Jumpstart
  • Choosing the Right Strategy

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 6: June 2005
Word Count: 1163

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