Managing Cross Boundary Issues Can Marketing & R&D Work Together?
Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for their functional and organizational silo structure built around brands. Strategic issues that cross silos — i.e., cross-boundary issues such as getting marketing and R&D working together, getting a more coordinated global approach to marketing, or getting companies to work better in marketing alliances-are thornier than most because managers don’t control all the necessary resources and communication and trust are often weak.

The Kerdan Group, a life sciences strategy consulting firm, helps life sciences leaders look forward and cross the boundaries between brands, functions, geographies and alliances. Kerdan has built and honed an approach, the Kerdan System, that is able to quickly identify common ground and develop successful outcomes.

Topics covered and questions answered include:

  • Symptoms of Cross Boundary Illness
  • An example: Marketing vs. Sales
  • The Kerdan approach to helping pharma clients resolve cross boundary issues
  • The Top Ten opportunities to be realized once cross boundary issues are resolved

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 9: October 2005
Word Count: 1150

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