Stop Wasting Millions on Ineffective DTC Ads! Testing Technology Can Help Improve Ads and Engage Viewers
You’re wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on ads that aren’t delivering your key messages! And it has nothing to do with FDA rules.

That’s the opinion of Lee Weinblatt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the PreTesting Company. Weinblatt’s company has been measuring the effectiveness of drug ads since 1974. Of course, at that time there were only print ads aimed at physicians in medical journals. Today, the pharmaceutical industry spends in excess of $5 billion per year on direct to consumer (DTC) advertising and billions more on physician ads.

This article highlights PreTesting’s ad measurement technology and Mr. Weinblatt reveals interesting insights about the major mistakes that pharmaceutical advertisers make with regard to measuring the effectiveness of their ads. The article also presents 17 key findings on How to Create an Effective Drug Ad.

Topics and issues covered include:

  • Three Common Mistakes Made by Most Advertisers
  • The Package Goods Path is the Wrong Path
  • PreTesing Technology
  • Case Study: Sleep Aid Ads
  • Jarvik vs. Sally
  • Testing TV Ads in a TiVO World
  • More Mistakes Advertisers Make
  • How to Create an Effective Drug Ad — 17 learnings from PreTesting
  • Compliance Advertising

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Issue: Vol. 6, No. 7: August 2007
Word Count: 3047

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