Pharma Marketing News Vol. 9, #10: DECEMBER 2010

Welcome to the DECEMBER 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News. This is the Executive Summary. This executive summary includes links to ALL the DECEMBER 2010 articles.

The Pharmaguy Next Door

John Mack, a.k.a. pharmaguy on Twitter, answers questions about his background and provides his opinions on how pharmaceutical companies will use social media in the future.

The iPad as a Pharma Marketing Platform

This article summarizes how the iPad is currently being used by the pharmaceutical industry, how it is being adopted by physicians, and what the roadblocks are to using it for eDetailing.

Eyes on the Adherence Prize: How HealthPrize Uses Financial Incentives and Fun to Change...

This article provides details about the HealthPrize's innovative, compelling approach to solving one of pharma's most perplexing puzzle: how to improve medication adherence. Included is a summary of a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast interview of Tom Kottler, CEO, and Katrina S. Firlik, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize.

Digital Pharma Is Alive and Well in Europe!

These highlights from the 2010 DigiPharm EU conference summarizes presentations made by marketing specialists from Lundbeck, Janssen, GSK, Schering Plough, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Genzyme and Merck Serono. It's a summary of the best current practices and a glimpse at how EU pharma companies are driving digital marketing and communications forward.

Getting Market Research Right in Emerging Markets

This is the first in a series of articles summarizing highlights from a recent webinar focused on getting market research right in emerging markets. It features experts from Kantar Health, a global consultancy and marketing insights organization that was formed in 2009 by uniting Consumer Health Sciences, MattsonJack, TNS Healthcare and Ziment.

Accountability for Pharma Content on Social Media Sites

A substantial portion of drug industry comments submitted to the FDA was devoted to how pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for a communication about its product(s) and how much control they exert over activities on the Internet and social media.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 9, #7, FINAL: September 2010

Welcome to the FINAL, complete September 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News. This is the Executive Summary. This executive summary includes links to ALL the September 2010 articles.

Corporate Reputation in the New Media World

In an online webinar entitled 'Reputation Strategies That Drive Results: Turning Your Good Name into Good Business' Kantar Health explored the value of corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility from a traditional channel and digital media perspective and also from the view of understanding how this impacts the relationship between pharmaceutical and Key Opinion Leaders. This article summarizes the presentations made at that webinar.

Use of Social Media for Health Purposes in the EU

This article is a summary of the EPG Health Media (part of the IMR International Group) market research report 'Social Media and Healthcare,' which examines how European doctors, patients/consumers and pharma engage (and seek to engage) with each other.


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