Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 6: 30 MARCH 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #6 (30 MARCH 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.

Real Patients Star in Pharma Youtube Videos

Pharma marketers save a bundle repurposing videos for Youtube. They save even more money by hiring real patients to play themselves in these videos! Patients are natural method actors, having actually experienced what they portray. But they are prone to over emote!

Pharma Social Media Trials & Tribulations

Social media occupied a good deal of our attention in 2010 and many of the pharma people Pharmaguy met and interacted with in 2010 are involved in social media campaigns in one way or another.

Physicians Favor Brands With a Compelling Adherence Program

This article summarizes the results of a survey of physicians designed to assess the value of various adherence solutions -- including HealthPrize -- and the potential of these solutions to influence physicians' prescribing behavior.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 5: 10 MARCH 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #5 (10 MARCH 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 3: 17 FEBRUARY 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #3 (17 FEBRUARY 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.

The Changing Role of Pharma Sales Reps

Pharma companies need to drive maximum value out of products and they can't do that with a 'one-size-fits-all' cookie-cutter approach to deploying field forces. Brand managers will look to outsourced providers to take advantage of the expertise these providers can bring to the table. This article is a summary of an interview of Nancy Lurker, CEO of PDI, Inc., which provides promotional outsourced services to healthcare companies.

Digitally-Feeble Pharma

Is Your Brand a Digital Genius or a Feeble-Minded Idiot? When it comes to digital IQ, some brands are geniuses and some are feeble-minded idiots, according to the 'L2 Digital IQ Index' for pharmaceutical brands, a first-of-its kind measurement of the digital competence of 51 pharma brands across eight therapeutic categories.

A Pharma Social Media Conspiracy Theory: Were Guidelines Held Hostage as Part if FDA’s...

Were FDA's infamous 14 warning letters to pharma a ploy to force Google into a $500M DOJ settlement regarding illegal online pharmacy ads? In addition, could FDA have been holding back issuing pharma social media guidelines -- which would include guidelines for displayig compliant information in space-limited applications such as Twitter AND Google Adwords -- until Google settled its case with the DOJ?

Tracking Public Health Trends: Twitter vs Google vs Your Nose

Public health officials cannot depend upon their noses to make important decisions. They need actionable real time data. How do they get it?
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