Certain Physician-Drug Industry Relationships Have Declined Dramatically

The authors of a physician survey published in the November 8, 2010, issue of Archives of Internal Medicine conclude 'given that 83.8% of physicians have PIRs, it is clear that industry still has substantial financial links with the nation's physicians. These findings support the ongoing need for a national system of disclosure of PIRs [Physician-Drug Industry Relationships].' Such a system is part of the Physician Sunshine Law, which is scheduled to go into effect in 2012 with public disclosure of payments scheduled to begin September, 2013.

Strategies for Marketing Compliance

All pharma companies face a communications crisis that rests on the changing role of the medical sales representative. This evolution has a direct impact on the obligations of the pharma marketing organizations to be both proactive and responsive in helping to protect their organizations from the threat of non-compliance. What can marketing do? This article offers a few thoughts from a physician's point.

Challenges of Regulating Mobile Medical Apps: Legal and Regulatory Issues You Should Know About

A conversation with Joseph Kim, MD, MPH, VP of Medical Affairs and Technology at Medical Communications Media, Inc., about the rapid development of mobile medical applications and the legal and regulatory issues that physicians, patients, and pharma developers/sponsors should be aware of.

The Pharmaguy Social Media Timeline&trade: A Record of Social Media Events Impacting the Pharmaceutical...

The long-awaited social media guidance from the FDA -- whenever it arrives -- may turn out to be nothing more than a stamp of approval on activities in which the industry is currently engaged. Practically every issue that FDA guidance is expected to address has already been handled independently by a few pioneering pharmaceutical companies. Rather than waiting for FDA's anti climatic guidelines, Pharmaguy decided to publish The Pharmaguy Social Media Timeline™ now, at a time when the industry already has set precedents in every social media application.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 9: 18 May 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #9 (18 MAY 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.

The Socialisation of the Internet is Bogus

The whole web is now socialised..

A Pharma Social Media Conspiracy Theory: Were Guidelines Held Hostage as Part if FDA’s...

Were FDA's infamous 14 warning letters to pharma a ploy to force Google into a $500M DOJ settlement regarding illegal online pharmacy ads? In addition, could FDA have been holding back issuing pharma social media guidelines -- which would include guidelines for displayig compliant information in space-limited applications such as Twitter AND Google Adwords -- until Google settled its case with the DOJ?

Finding the Consumer Within the Patient: Insights Into How Healthcare Decisions are Made

Self Care Catalysts' Patient Intelligence Insights Guide™ on Diabetes is the only integrated patient-and consumer-centric report that explores how people suffering from an invisible condition such as diabetes actually circumnavigate their health condition, using the unique Self Care Health Decision Making Dynamics framework™. It is an example of what Grace Soyao, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Self Care Catalysts Inc., a health research and strategy company, means by 'Finding the Consumer within the Patient.'

Double Dip in DTC Ad Spend!

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertising spending suffered a 'double dip' recession between 2007 and 2010, according to data presented in the AdAge Insights Whitepaper

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 14: 22 September 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #14 (22 SEPTEMBER 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.
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