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Relationship Marketing Program Management for Pharmaceutical Marketers

This article reviews the Optas relationship marketing management solution, which provides pharmaceutical marketer-friendly tools and interface for managing multiple DTC campaigns.

OpEd: More Permission, More Data, Better Marketing?

What's the connection between the effectiveness of DTC advertising, patient-level data vs. physician-level data, and out-of-the-box marketing? Adoption of these new techniques and data sources by pharmaceutical marketers depends on good education, vendor cooperation, and success stories to prove that the effort is worth it

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 6: 30 MARCH 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #6 (30 MARCH 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.

The Big C in the Big Apple

HepC.tv is featuring the video 'Man-on-the-Street: New Yorkers' Reactions to the Big Yellow C.' Is it effective? How do we know?

The Power of Patient Input: How FDA Learned to Love & Approve Addyi

This article presents a case study of how patient input has the power to change the course of drug approval. The case is Sprout's ground-breaking patient campaign that played a major role in getting Addyi, a female sexual dysfunction drug, approved by the FDA.

PMN Special Supplement: Increase Physician Access and Detailing Effectiveness

This Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News brings together in one convenient document several topics and case studies relating to the topic of pharma sales force effectiveness (SFE);

PinUp: Big Pharma Racks Up Facebook Likes But Not So Much from Patients, Got...

Welcome to the March 24, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). Let's contemplate how big drug companies can get hundreds of thousands of 'likes' on Facebook but score very low among patient groups worldwide. Only 25% of patients, for example, think pharma marketing is ethical. A case in point is Low-T direct-to-consumer advertising.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 9, #7, FINAL: September 2010

Welcome to the FINAL, complete September 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News. This is the Executive Summary. This executive summary includes links to ALL the September 2010 articles.

Is Online Pharma Advertising ROI Scalable?

At the recent 6th Annual Digital Pharma East conference in Philadelphia, Bill Drummy, CEO of HeartBeat Ideas, argued that "With digital you can get way more bang for your buck, so you HAVE to think of the digital channel. Drummy's message was simple: the ROI of online promotion is an order of magnitude greater than the 'typical' 2:1 ROI for non-digital channel promotion. This may be true of small budget campiagns, but is it scaleable to the point where digital promotion gives you a significant bump in sales?

Pharma’s Physician Bailout

The pharmaceutical industry has been very generous in making payments to physicians. Last year (2010), for example, a mere dozen pharmaceutical companies paid $760 million to physicians and other health care providers for consulting, speaking, research and expenses. On average, how much do you think that comes to for every physician in the U.S.?

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