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The Absolute, Relative, and Incremental ROI of DTC e-Marketing

The debate surrounding the strategic and economic value of having an online DTC strategy rings loud and clear at most global pharmaceutical companies today. Although the role of using the Web for primary awareness of the product and therapeutic category is very important, we will focus on the power of the product Web site as a conversion tool in this article and illustrate how the Web strategy fits into the overall marketing continuum - from initial engagement all the way to loyalty marketing.

eDetailing Strategies for a Higher Physician Response

Most pharmaceutical firms have piloted eDetailing programs and scaled them successfully. However, although Traditional eDetailing has been around for at least 5 years, marketers must expand the definition of eDetailing. To this end Croom offers a Best Practice Guide for eDetailing to help pharma marketers optimize the reach and impact of eDetailing.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 3, #4 (Apr 2004) Archive

Vol. 3, No. 4: April 2004 - CONTENTS Feature Article Intelligent Online Sampling Strategies Conference Highlights The Internet and CME When...

Eyes on the Adherence Prize: How HealthPrize Uses Financial Incentives and Fun to Change...

This article provides details about the HealthPrize's innovative, compelling approach to solving one of pharma's most perplexing puzzle: how to improve medication adherence. Included is a summary of a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast interview of Tom Kottler, CEO, and Katrina S. Firlik, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize.

Industry and Consumer Advocates Square Off on Social Media

This article presents an overview of the types of organizations that submitted comments versus those that made presentations at the November 2009 public hearing. It also includes general comments from the pharma industry regarding the process by which the FDA should regulate the Internet and social media. Also presented in this article are the comments submitted by consumer advocates and individuals who generally supported more strict regulation across the board.

Pharma Marketing News – Sales Force Effectiveness/Productivity Reprints

Pharma Marketing News is the monthly e-newsletter of the Pharma Marketing Network (www.pharma-mkting.com). It is packed with facts, opinions, and case studies based upon interviews with experts in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. Highlights of presentations from industry conferences, contact lists for experts consulted, and links to references help susbcribers keep up to date on best practices and network with their peers.

Peter Rost: Whistleblower, Pharma Blogger, ???

This article is based on an interview with Rost, Pharma's Black Knight.

Who Owns Your Social Media?

Twitter's new rules change the playing field for third party developers, establish caps on number of users, and shift guidelines to requirements across four categories of businesses. Will the new rules ruin the spirit of social media and are they bad for healthcare?

Digital Health Publishers Just Got a Healthy Way to Drive New Visits

It’s no secret that digital health publishers of all types struggle to introduce new users to their content. Consumer traffic exchanges and content discovery engines have historically focused on every vertical except health and medicine. You can easily find dozens of networks that focus on fashion, sports, pop culture, technology or finance, but consumer health is MIA.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 9, #3: March 2010

Welcome to the MARCH 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

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