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Pharma on Instagram: How Top Drug Companies Use It Today & May Use It...

Instagram may become the social medium of choice for pharma marketers now that it has been purchased by Face-book and has added several new features that allow marketers to potentially thwart FDA regulations.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 13, No. 2: February 2014

Welcome to Volume 13, Issue #2 (February 2014) of Pharma Marketing News.

You May Walk Like a Duck and Quack Like a Duck, But You’re No...

There are two kinds of marketers -- brand marketers and direct marketers. In the world according to Jon Roska, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Roska Direct, a Montgomeryville, PA direct advertising agency, brand marketers are hens (i.e., chickens) and direct marketers are ducks and both vie for the attention of the farmer (i.e., pharma client). The question is, Can chickens and ducks work together to provide the farmer with the best of both kinds of marketing?

Developing Guidelines for Pharma’s Use of the Internet & Social Media: Whatever! A Call...

Shouldn't we make sure that when it comes time for the FDA to actually create a guidance document on social media that it does it with input from ALL stakeholders? Survey results.

Beyond the eDetail: Evolving to Educate

This article reviews Lathian Systems' online solutions that are designed to help pharma companies capture the interest, gain the access, and obtain the time required to deliver effective educational programs to physicians.

Tailoring CRM Solutions to Your Business Strategy

Real World examples of CRM assessment and initial implementation, highlighting early best practices in CRM deployment was the theme of a panel discussion at CBI's 6th Original Forum on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Pharmaceutical Industry, held in New York City, October 17-18, 2003. This article summarizes the panel discussion.

SiCKO is Boffo but Not Anti-Pharmaco Per Se

This review of SiCKO is the first by a pharma blogger and editor who has actually seen the movie first hand!

Provider/Pharmaceutical Partnerships – Are They Possible Without Conflict of Interest?

What strategies should a pharmaceutical company follow to ensure a successful partnership with an academic CME provider? What's an appropriate measure for outcomes (ROI)? What % of income from academeic CME programs comes from pharma support?

A Call to Action: A Mea Non Culpa by Big Pharma

A review of the book 'A Call to Action' by Pfizer CEO Dr. Hank McKinnell. This review focuses on the 10 action items McKinnell promulgates. Notwithstanding an Amazon.com review of the book written by Peter Rost -- Pfizer's whistleblowing head of endocrine care marketing unit -- in which McKinnell is described as making 'an impressive mea culpa,' this book is actually a mea non culpa! Find out why..

Marketing in the Post-Vioxx Era

This article summarizes a panel discussion at a recent Pharmaceutical Executive Annual Marketing Summit in Philadelphia.

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