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New Big Pharma Economies of Scale

How many patients are needed these days to make a drug a billion dollar blockbuster? Less than you think. What are the implications for pharmaceutical marketing?

A Practical Guide to Personalization

Great digital should be personal. As the Covid-19 environment continues to cause brands to shift more heavily toward digital and increase their non-physical tactics, it is important to remember this. We...

The Future of DTC Advertising

Experts don't know if it's the economy, lack of new drugs in pharma's pipeline, or the new pro-regulation political climate, but 2009 is shaping up to be the year that direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising will suffer a round of budget cuts and setbacks not seen in a long time. We poll readers and experts to help predict the immediate future of DTC advertising and to get some insights from experts.

PhRMA Masters the Art of “Proofiness!”

In a recent video titled 'What Gets PhRMA's Chairman Up Every Morning?', Chris Viehbacher, CEO of Sanofi, cited an impressive Potemkin number related to life expectancy and the pharma industry.

5 Strategies to Strengthen Relationships with HCPs

Increasing engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) online has become exceedingly difficult over the past 5 years. There are many websites and e-newsletters competing for a physician’s attention. HCPs are...

OpEd: The Future of Big Pharma

While at a recent conference, I was struck by the fact that most speakers-especially vendors-often were pretty critical of the industry. I hear there are too many silos, too much focus on short-term results, not invented here mentality, etc., etc. What a great idea it would be to get all these smart people together and write a book that looked ahead to where the pharma industry might be in five or ten years. Bring all these innovative ideas into it and describe the pharma company of 2010. Call it Healthy Pharma 2010!

Times They Are A-Changing?

Now that market forces are starting to turn negative, have we reached a point where the bloat (inefficiency) is unsustainable? Or are threats of layoffs just a ploy to sustain stock market value?

OpEd: Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

Whatever your opinion of the CAN-SPAM law and blacklists, a bright light is now focused on the spam e-mail problem. As usual, those e-mail marketers who want to obey the law have to jump through new hoops and change their business practices. Meanwhile, the real spammers will no doubt continue to outfox the regulatory agencies, attorneys general, and the ISPs and continue to spew spam at will.

A Novel Approach to Communicating with Physicians

This article describes a patent-pending technology developed by MagicMedia Communications. It offers a novel way for pharmaceutical sales representatives to 'talk' to a doctorÂ…even when face-to-face discussion is not possible!

OpEd: Corporate “Moral Values” Anyone?

A few days after Merck pulled Vioxx from the market it was revealed that the drug manufacturer may have known about Vioxx's cardiovascular side effect problems for years and tried very hard to conceal the evidence and block any action by the FDA. While this was going on an estimated 27,000 people suffered heart attacks and who knows how many strokes possibly due to Vioxx! hard to conceal the evidence and block any action by the FDA. While this was going on an estimated 27,000 people suffered heart attacks and who knows how many strokes possibly due to Vioxx! If this obstructionism by Merck is true, then someone should pay.

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