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Limiting Sales Rep Access to Physicians: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

This article documents the concerns about the risks of drug sales reps as well as the benefits to physicians.

PinUp: Looking Back on Pharma in 2017 – the Year in Images, Charts, and...

Welcome to the January 2, 2018, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp).Happy New Year! It's time for me to share with you an collection of a few of my favorite images, charts and graphs from articles published in Pharma Marketing News - including Pharma Industry News Update & Pharma Marketing Blog - in 2017. Feel free to download these presentations as PDF files so you can click on the links in each slide to gain access to the story behind each image and chart.

Cute & Creepy DTC Drug Ad Mascots: FDA Wants to Study How They Influence...

Brand name drug mascots not only appear in TV and print ads, they also are plastered all over patient education brochures and other marketing pieces, on websites, and wherever else there are eyeballs! This article features our all-time favorite drug ad mascots.

PinUp: FDA’s Gottlieb Gets Good Grades from Industry for Good Reason. But Will Patients...

Welcome to the December 15, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). Gottlieb, Gottlieb! How many times have we heard about Gottlieb? In this issue you will hear about him twice! Once where his performance is graded and once where he gives the medical device industry a Christmas present. Obviously, the two are linked.

PinUp: 2017: A Banner Year for Pharma Lobbying and TV Ads, Bumper Crop of...

Welcome to the December 19, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). Now is when everyone looks back on the old year and begins thinking of the New Year. For pharma, 2017 saw a few highs in terms of money spent on lobbying - mostly to counteract calls for lower drug prices - and on TV advertising. Neither of which is surprising. But while the number of new drugs approved in 2017 eclipsed the 2016 number, profitability is not setting any new records, but may in fact be waning.

PinUp: A Warning Letter from FDA and a Warning Sign Regarding Digital Health Prospects

Welcome to the September 8, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). FDA sent out its 2nd 'warning letter' of the year but it has nothing to do with what pharma is doing on social media. And, by the way, digital health is dead as far as one venture capitalist is concerned!

PinUp: The Good, Bad, and “Hilarious” Off-Target Targeted Drug Ads on Pandora and Facebook

Welcome to the September 26, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). Is the pharmaceutical industry warming up to targeted advertising? That is, serving up drug ads to people on the web and mobile devices who probably (maybe, supposedly) suffer from the specific medical condition that the drug treats. Music site Pandora is betting on it. Also betting on it are the ambulance chasers on Facebook!

Pharma on Facebook: A Glimpse Into What the Top Companies Are Doing There

This article provide a glimpse into what the top 10 drug companies are doing on Facebook.

PinUp: Benefits and Risks of Limiting Pharma Sales Rep Access to Physicians

Welcome to the May 5, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). Pharmaceutical sales representatives are faced with increasingly limited access to physicians as many academic medical centers and other healthcare centers adopt conflict of interest policies restricting detailing.

PinUp: “Crushing” Pharma Via Lawsuits, Amazon, and Somewhat Unnecessary FDA Guidance

Welcome to the December 12, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update (aka PinUp). You would think by now pharma marketers would be well versed in the correct product name placement, size, prominence, and frequency in promotional labeling and advertising for prescription drugs. Obviously not because the FDA recently released guidance on the topic.

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