FREE WebSeminar: Building the Optimal Service Model

Creating the Right Physician Experiences To Drive Business. The Vast Majority of Pharmaceutical Companies across the US and Europe Say They Are Moving from Traditional Sales Models to New Service Models. But Are Doctors Experiencing Any Real Change?

CBI’s Premier Forum on Marketing Data Analytics for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry

Leverage Physician and Consumer Data to Drive Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Increase ROI

CBI’s 8th Annual Forum on eMarketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Ensure Effective eCommunication with Physicians and Patients Using Innovative 2.0 and Online Approaches

CBI’s 3rd Annual Medical Science Liaison Skill Building and Management Summit

Innovative Tools and Tactical Team Strategies for Enhancing the MSL Role and Building Compliant and Effective Peer-to-Peer Relationships

DTC Sweeps: The Impact and Evolving Role of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Join us for dinner and an evening of networking and lively interaction with our moderator and expert panelists. You'll learn how DTC marketing continues to evolve and shape the healthcare marketing mix.

Medical Science Liaison Skill Set Training

Performance-Based Tools for Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Key Customers while Ensuring Compliant and Appropriate Dissemination of Scientific Information

3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Marketing Compliance Congress

Discover new strategies for balancing risk with promotion when it comes to off-label usage and hear future predictions for DTC advertising regulations.

2nd Annual Pharma Market Research Excellence

Ensuring Better Market Presence, Maximizing ROI, and Integrating Innovative Methodologies Within Market Research

8th Annual Continuing Medical Education Summit

Comply with Guidelines and Standards to Maximize Physician Reach and Deliver Improved Patient Outcomes

Women’s Health & Wellness – Communications & Partnership Opportunities

Today, the scope of womenÂ’s health goes far beyond hormones or gynecological and reproductive areas. Heart disease, lung cancer, obesity, female sexual dysfunction to list a few are top of the list for major healthcare companies wanting to break into the area of womenÂ’s health. New research on hormone therapy and indeed, the unprecedented boom in natural/supplementary products of high nutritional value to women has expanded the frontiers of womenÂ’s health marketing and communications. Find out whatÂ’s new, whatÂ’s working and whatÂ’s next by attending this conference in July, designed for pharmaceutical-biotech/healthcare/nutraceuticals/ wellness and other grassroots and non-profits engaged in womenÂ’s health.


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