2nd Annual Define Appropriate and Effective Interactions with Thought Leaders and Key Opinion Leaders...

Mark your calendar for this year’s event presenting solutions for identifying, profiling and communicating with KOLs from early stages of clinical trials to Post-Marketing initiatives.

7th Annual Phase IV Clinical Trials

Design Research Programs to Meet Clinical, Regulatory and Marketing Objectives

3rd Annual eMarketing for Pharmaceuticals

Featured Conference 3rd Annual eMarketing for Pharmaceuticals March 25-26, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA Hear What Some of...

4th Annual Technology Supported Physician Detailing

Leverage Mobile Detailing to Deliver Targeted, Engaging and Valuable Product Information to Physicians

2nd Annual Gaining Physician Access

Featured Conference 2nd Annual Gaining Physician Access March 22-23, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA Rave Reviews from Previous...

Forum on Anonymous Patient-Level Data and Analysis

PHARMA-MKTING is an exclusive email network for pharmaceutical marketing professionals interested in the latest interactive technologies available for marketing. The network facilitates communication between members and recognized experts and leaders in interactive pharmaceutical marketing.

Formulary and Reimbursement Strategies for Effective Product Planning

Leaders in the industry sit down and discuss the biggest issues in managed care marketing and answer your questions directly.

7th Annual Multicultural Pharma-Biotech & Healthcare Market Development and Outreach

Beyond English language DTC, compelling opportunities exist for brands to boost value through strategic investments in cultural competency, health-literacy, customized adherence programs, disease education initiatives and grassroots partnerships.

6th Annual Sample Accountability

Structure State and Federally Compliant Sample Programs to Minimize Risk, Monitor Your Sales Force and Reconcile Inventories

3rd Annual Forum on Patient Compliance and Persistency

Featured Conference 3rd Annual Forum on Patient Compliance and Persistency April 19-20, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA Hear...


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