5th Annual Sample Accountability

Featured Conference 5th Annual Sample Accountability May 16- 17, 2005 • Princeton, NJ Visit the conference website for more information...

2nd Annual Maximize Investigator-Initiated Studies

This conference provides you with the opportunity to hear case studies from industry leaders on the challenges they have faced, solutions they have developed and successes they have had in maximizing investigator-initiated studies.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Attend CBI's 7th Original Forum on Customer Relationship Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry and learn strategies for maximizing ROI, improving marketing effectiveness and optimizing multi-channel interactions with customers. The 2004 forum brings together industry experts to share actual experiences and case studies on their challenges and successes in developing a customer focused strategy.

CBI’s Premier Bio/Pharmaceutical Forum on Speaker Bureau Management

Drive Brand Growth through Effective and Compliant Program Development, Resource Allocation and Speaker Training

4th Annual Pharmaceutical Product Launches

Hear case studies from industry leaders on the challenges, opportunities and successes in launching new pharmaceutical products into the marketplace.

Patient Compliance and Persistency

This conference provides insights into the financial implications of patient noncompliance and the ROI of compliance programs.

Pharma Market Research Excellence

Budget cuts, regulatory changes, loss of prescription level data and overall market uncertainties are forcing market researchers to rethink current practices and strategies. Market research needs to restructure and become more innovative to adopt and navigate in the ever evolving and complex market place. This conference will provide you with case studies, methodologies, and tools and tips to overcome these challenges as well as enhance current market research strategies to obtain better ROI.

5th Annual eDetailing

CBI's 5th Annual eDetailing conference continues its tradition of bringing together the industry's leading experts in Physician Detailing.

Formulary and Reimbursement Strategies for Effective Product Planning

Leaders in the industry sit down and discuss the biggest issues in managed care marketing and answer your questions directly.

CBI’s Inaugural Forum on Pharmaceutical Market Segmentation

This event is a first-in-class conference providing the only opportunity for product and brand managers, as well as those charged with marketing strategy and business development, to attend one event that addresses all their consumer marketing segmentation challenges.
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