Women’s Health & Wellness – Communications & Partnership Opportunities

Today, the scope of womenÂ’s health goes far beyond hormones or gynecological and reproductive areas. Heart disease, lung cancer, obesity, female sexual dysfunction to list a few are top of the list for major healthcare companies wanting to break into the area of womenÂ’s health. New research on hormone therapy and indeed, the unprecedented boom in natural/supplementary products of high nutritional value to women has expanded the frontiers of womenÂ’s health marketing and communications. Find out whatÂ’s new, whatÂ’s working and whatÂ’s next by attending this conference in July, designed for pharmaceutical-biotech/healthcare/nutraceuticals/ wellness and other grassroots and non-profits engaged in womenÂ’s health.

6th Annual Effective Handling of Product Complaints

Integrate Processes through Evaluation, Analysis and Regulatory Compliance

Best Practices for Medical Science Liaisons

The mission of this program is to educate new and early-stage Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), MSL team managers and those interested in exploring the field, on best practices of the profession and how to achieve a successful and ethical tenure

The Fourth Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum

The Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum has been established as a direct result of the heightened need for corporate compliance programs, increased government scrutiny and new regulations being imposed upon the pharmaceutical industry.

Patient Level Data for the Pharmaceutical Industry

How Pharma Companies Are Using PLD to Drive Brand Performance

Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners Forum

Featured Conference Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners Forum An educational conference for senior-level corporate meeting planning executives March 31 - April 1, 2005 • Philadelphia, PA ...

3rd Annual Conference on Patient Awareness, Recruitment and Retention for Clinical Trials

Ensure an Appropriate and Dedicated Population through Educational Campaigns and Innovative Participation Techniques for Domestic and International Trials

3rd Annual Product Launches Conference

CBI's 3rd Annual Product Launches Conference, December 8-9, 2004, provides you with the opportunity to hear case studies from industry leaders on challenges they've faced, solutions they've developed and successes they've had for creating pre-launch strategies to achieve rapid sales uptake. This conference arms you with the toolbox needed to plan and execute a winning launch. Leverage the creativity, intuition and strategy employed by some of the industryÂ’s most notable launches!

2nd Annual Drug Repurposing and Repositioning

This conference will focus on identifying suitable compounds and opportunities for repurposing.

Optimizing the Use of Patient-Level Data (PLD)

Featured Conference Optimizing the Use of Patient-Level Data (PLD) to Enhance Your Marketing Capabilities March 22-23, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA ...


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