2nd Annual Forum on Anonymous-Patient Level Data & Analysis

Featured Conference 2nd Annual Forum on Anonymous-Patient Level Data & Analysis June 3-4, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA ...

Patient Level Data for the Pharmaceutical Industry

How Pharma Companies Are Using PLD to Drive Brand Performance

9th Original Forum on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry

The 2006 conference provides executives in the Bio/Pharmaceutical industry with high-level coverage on the business drivers and operational components that need to be in place in order to optimize CRM initiatives.

6th Annual Data Warehousing for Bio/Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing

Sustain a Flexible Data Warehouse Model to Ensure Operability, Compliance and End User Satisfaction

Patient Education and Disease Awareness Summit

CBI has developed a program focused in on providing pharmaceutical executives with proven solutions and practical tips for increasing access to consumers and improving their patient-centric marketing efforts through patient education and disease awareness programs.

Publication Planning 2003

Publication Planning 2003:cUtilizing Scientifically Accurate, Commercially Relevant Strategies for Optimal Drug Acceptance and Exposure.

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Market Research Summit

Leverage Pre and Post Launch Market Research Strategies to Improve Initial Product Positioning and Ongoing Strategic Decision Making

Pharmaceutical Marketing Compliance Congress

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Compliance Congress addresses the complex challenges facing manufacturers as they launch new products, adopt new technologies and attempt to comply with changing guidelines and regulations. This conference provides a comprehensive forum to: discuss the most pertinent compliance and regulatory issues; learn from thought-leaders; and bring implementable strategies for marketing compliance back to your organization.

Patient Compliance and Persistency

This conference provides insights into the financial implications of patient noncompliance and the ROI of compliance programs.

Maximizing the Value of Investigator-initiated Post-marketing Clinical Trials

Investigator-initiated Trials are on the rise and sponsor spending on post-marketing clinical grants is higher than ever before. While most companies are doing these types of trials, not all of them are doing them in the most efficient or cost-effective manner. However, while budgets are being continually trimmed, it’s important for companies to wisely invest resources in these trials. Moreover, some companies still fail to get the most value from these trials, even after repeated attempts to do them successfully.
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