HIPAA for Drug and Device Companies

PHARMA-MKTING is an exclusive email network for pharmaceutical marketing professionals interested in the latest interactive technologies available for marketing. The network facilitates communication between members and recognized experts and leaders in interactive pharmaceutical marketing.

Rethinking Patient Compliance

This ground-breaking conference has been organized to address patient non-compliance by exploring some of the internal and external barriers that patients face when adopting a treatment plan, and by examining a number of current compliance programs in order to find the best practices for improving health outcomes.

3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Global Summit

The meeting carefully examines the changing marketing and sales models, posits strategic solutions for finding new opportunities in a fragmented market, how to implement new legislation, and addresses what executive marketing and sales executive management can do to thrive in the new environment.

Pharma Marketing & Promotion: Reinforcing the Culture of Compliance

Sharpening Internal Expertise and Establishing Clear Team Direction for a Cohesive Regulatory, Legal and Compliance Support

7th Annual Phase IV Clinical Trials

Design Research Programs to Meet Clinical, Regulatory and Marketing Objectives

3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Product Complaints

This year’s conference is one of the only industry events that focuses exclusively on the issues surrounding product complaint handling. The 2005 conference reconvenes pharmaceutical professionals who are charged with ensuring that the handling of product complaints is done efficiently, thoroughly and in compliance with regulations.

Pharma R&D Summit

The Pharma R&D Summit is an executive gathering that will bring together senior-level pharmaceutical executives with a select and diversified group of leading-edge Solution Providers to converge over these vital industry issues. Within a focused and professional environment, the Pharma R&D Summit will seamlessly integrate one-on-one meetings and informal networking and leisure activities.

2nd Annual eDetailing

CBI’s eDetailing Conference provides an interactive forum to discuss how this innovative tool allows companies to access more physicians and ultimately increase sales. Learn how world-class pharmaceutical organizations are utilizing the capabilities of eDetailing and overcoming the challenges of expanding sales forces and limited physician time.

4th Annual Forum on Patient Adherence, Compliance and Persistency

Realise Increased ROI by Maximising the Effectiveness of Education, Patient Assistance and Technology

The Ninth National HIPAA Summit

The Leading Forum on Healthcare EDI, Privacy, Confidentiality, Data Security and HIPAA Compliance.
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