The Original Forum on Prescription Data Restriction

Our 2006 event is the first and only market driven conference that provides the pharmaceutical industry with solutions and strategies for ensuring compliance with PDRP rather than simply implementing a technical plan to manipulate data according to a contractual obligation.

5th Annual Forum on Field-Based Dissemination of Scientific Information

Build Effective and Compliant Medical Science Liaison Communication Strategies


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Achieve Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness through Specialty Sales Teams

Sales Tactics that Lead to High-End Physician Interaction and Superior Field Results

4th Annual Patient Compliance

Featured Conference 4th Annual Patient Compliance April 11 - 12, 2005 • Philadelphia, PA Visit the conference website for more information and...

PharmaEdge Summit

Integrated Engineering, Manufacturing & Quality Driven Solutions for Pharmaceutical Process Excellence

3rd Annual Product Launches Conference

CBI's 3rd Annual Product Launches Conference, December 8-9, 2004, provides you with the opportunity to hear case studies from industry leaders on challenges they've faced, solutions they've developed and successes they've had for creating pre-launch strategies to achieve rapid sales uptake. This conference arms you with the toolbox needed to plan and execute a winning launch. Leverage the creativity, intuition and strategy employed by some of the industry’s most notable launches!

Navigating the Risks of Off-label Usage

The postmarket development of pharmaceuticals is vital to the success of many brands; however manufacturers must wrestle with an assortment of issues that ensue. Success, which is often hinged on off-label usage, may sway profits, but also raises many legal, regulatory, financial and health hazards. Risk preventative measures can be implemented to avoid the hazards that are particular to off-label usage. The Navigating the Risks of Off-Label Usage conference addresses how to recognize and avoid behavior that can land your company in legal and financial hot water.

Pharmaceutical Media Planning Summit

CBI's Inaugural Pharmaceutical Media Planning Summit brings together the industry's leading experts in Pharmaceutical Media Planning.

4th Annual Technology Supported Physician Detailing

Leverage Mobile Detailing to Deliver Targeted, Engaging and Valuable Product Information to Physicians


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