Pharma Marketing Survey: 2005 HOT ISSUE Survey

What impact will issues like drug reimporation, weak pipelines, decreasing profits, drug recalls, class action lawsuits, government regulation, etc., have on the course of the pharmaceutical industry in 2005?

Drug Reimportation Survey

What's the best argument against reimportation and is new legislation required?

Disease Mongering: Real or Fantasy?

Disease mongering is a term used to describe a perceived attempt by pharmaceutical companies to promote public awareness of (frequently harmless) conditions or diseases with the aim of increasing sales of medication.

Potential for Bias in Commercially Supported CME

Please take 2 minutes to answer a few short questions relating to potential bias in continuing medical education (CME) programs supported by pharma/medical device companies and how to limit the need for industry funding of CME.

Who Should Obama Nominate for FDA Commissioner?

Please take a few minutes to tell us who you think President-elect Obama should nominate as the new FDA Commissioner after he is sworn in as president. We've assembled a list of 10 contenders that have been suggested in blogs and other news sources.

Drug Risk Notification Survey

This survey asked respondents to evaluate the FDA's proposed Drug Watch program as well as the proposal for a Drug Risk Advisory System.

Should FDA Be Reformed?

In the wake of the VIOXX withdrawal, critics have suggested that FDA needs to reform how it regulates the drug industry. Many suggestions for reform have been suggested. We present a few of them here. Let us know what you think of these suggestions or if the FDA requires no reform at all!

Evidence-based Marketing Survey

This survey asked respondents to evaluate the pros and cons of marketing based on clinical evidence.

Role of Pharma DTC Advertising Survey

Some people would like to see DTC ads play a more educational role.

Use of Patient Testimonials in DTC & Social Media Advertising Survey

Recently, pharma companies appear to be using more patient testimonials in their DTC (direct-to-consumer) broadcast and social media advertising. This survey asks your opinion of this practice, including what the benefits may be, the regulatory issues, and how it may evolve, especially with regard to use of social media.


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