Risk Mitigation and Its Impact on Pharma Marketing

A conversation with Jeff Fetterman, President and CEO of ParagonRx, about developing a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) that clinicians will consider useful and that would raise their intent to prescribe.

The Messenger is the Medium

The do's and don'ts of using celebrities as pharma spokespeople in ads and promotional campaigns. A discussion with Rich Benci, president of RealAge.

How Will mHealth Change Healthcare?

A discussion with C. Peter Waegmann, Vice President of mHealth Initiative Inc., about the potential impact of moblie phone applications on the transformation of health care.

Teaching Pharma Social Marketing to Biotech Scientists

A conversation with Eric S. Langer, Adjunct Faculty Member, Johns Hopkins University, and President/Managing Partner of BioPlan Associates, Inc., about teaching

You Want Marketing ROI? You’re Not Ready to Measure ROI!

If You Can't Define It, You Can't Measure It!

The Three Pillars of Sanofi’s Patient-Centric Strategy

Pharmaguy interviews Anne C. Beal, M.D., MPH, Chief Patient Officer, Sanofi, and Melva T. Covington, MPH, MBA., PhD, Project Leader, Research and Development, Sanofi. They talk about their roles in bringing the patient perspective into Sanofi's work to advance Sanofi's ability to deliver health care solutions that matter most to patients and those who care for them.

Scientist vs Salesman: Which approach will enable your sales reps to raise their value...

A conversation with Tim Ryan, Executive Director of Prescription Medicines, Training, and Development at Boehringer Ingelheim, about his upcoming presentation/panel discussion at eyeforpharma's Sales Force Effectiveness USA 2010 conference on May 17-18 in Princeton, NJ.

ePharma: What’s Working, What’s Not, & What’s Next

The 9th Annual ePharma Summit is geared up to offer a

Pharma Marketing Talk Gateway

Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing.

How Satisfied are Pharma Marketers With Their Digital Efforts? Across Health’s 2011 Digital Barometer

A conversation with Fonny Schenck, Managing Partner/CEO, and Craig Parnell, Managing Partner North America, Across Health, about the 2011 EMEA digital marketing survey for life sciences.
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