Bridging the EU Pharma-Digital Agency Divide: What EU Pharma Marketers Need from Digital Agencies

Guest Saidat Amirkhanova, former Digital Communications Director at sanofi-aventis, discusses the relationship EU pharmaceutical marketers and digital agencies from the perspective of someone with many years of experience on the inside of the industry and who is now working on the outside.

Is Your (Marketing) Head in the Cloud?

Exploring the new commercial model based on 'informed,' data-driven relationship marketing and technology. A conversation with Bob Harrell, VP of Marketing at Appature. Bob discusses the transformation currently underway in the pharma commercial model, as well as his company's

Live From the e-Communication and Online Marketing Conference!

John Mack interviews industry speakers live at the eyeforpharma e-Communication and Online Marketing Online conference being held November 13 to 14 at in Philadelphia.

Speaker Programs: Endangered Species

In this Pharma Marketing Talk interview, our guest, William D. Cooney, President and CEO, MedPoint Communications, Inc., will lay out the problems of face-to-face speaker programs in today's regulatory, cost-conscious, and busy work-schedule environment. Cooney will give examples of the many benefits of using technology to deliver and manage speaker programs.

An Innovative System for Communicating Drug Risks to Patients

A Color-coded Risk Rating System That Delivers Personal Safety Alerts

Medical Transcript Advertising

A Unique Technique to Reach Physicians with Targeted Brand Messaging. A conversation with manuel Prado, CEO of datumRx.

Mobile Pharma Marketing: What’s the 411?

How to use Mobile Marketing to Boost Your Repsonse Rate and Marketing ROI

Social Media for Pharma C-Suite Dummies: The Need for Social Media Training

A conversation with Alexandra Fulford, Principal at Healthcare Management Consultants, Ltd and known as @Pharmaguapa on Twitter. We discuss the need for social media training of pharmaceutical senior managers.

Implications of Facebook’s Page Commenting Changes

A conversation with Matthew Snodgrass, Social Media Director at WCG, about Facebook's planned changes to its

Need a Doc? There May Be a Coupon for That!

A conversation with Susan Nicholas, MD, MBA, Founder and CEO of DocPons, about how her company enables healthcare providers to render services to the uninsured, underinsured, or those with caps on their existing coverage.
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