Is the M&A Frenzy Short-Circuiting Pharma R&D? A Former Researcher Speaks Out

A conversation with Kenneth 'Eric' Milgram, Ph.D., Principal, Applied Scientific Consulting, former Director, Systems Biology Technologies at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals/Pfizer, about what happens to pharmaceutical companies when they put Wall Street expectations ahead of science-driven innovation.

The Relevance of the Cluetrain Manifesto in a Social Media World

A conversation with Doc Searls, Senior Editor of Linux Journal and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, about the relevance of the Manifesto for the pharmaceutical industry in today's social media world. Doc will preview the keynote presentation he plans to make at the upcoming Digital Pharma East conference.

Pharma Crisis Communications in the Fast-Paced Digital World: The J&J/McNeil Case Study

A conversation with Bill Silberg (Principal at Silberg Consulting), Melissa Davies (Social Media Practice Lead at Return on Focus) Michael Parks (Executive Vice President, Vox Medica, Inc.), and invited ePharma Pioneer Club members about

Social Media for Pharma C-Suite Dummies: The Need for Social Media Training

A conversation with Alexandra Fulford, Principal at Healthcare Management Consultants, Ltd and known as @Pharmaguapa on Twitter. We discuss the need for social media training of pharmaceutical senior managers.

Adobe Connect for eDetailing: Making Detailing More Effective

A conversation with Matt Hendrickson, Vice President of Marketing at ConnectSolutions, about the collaboration between Adobe Connect and ConnectSolutions to offer an eDetailing technology platform that is a cost effective and scalable solution for improving access to healthcare professionals.

Will e-Patients Force Pharma Elephants to Dance? The Impact of Digital Technology on the...

A conversation with Jonathan Richman, digital strategy development leader for Possible Worldwide, about his presentation

The Centocor Corporate Blog: A Groundbreaking Pharmaceutical Company Blog?

According to the About section of the new Centocor Blog, it was started 'because there are so many interesting things happening at our company, in our industry, and around immunology. Although you can read about these things in the news or on other blogs, we want to join the conversation because we have much to say on the matter.'

The Utilization Plateau: Why Has the U.S. Pharmaceutical Market Stagnated?

A conversation with Todd D. Clark, President of Value of Insight Consulting (VOI) and the author of pharmahandbook and generichandbook, about the U.S. Rx prescription drug 'Utilization Plateau.' The discussion will feature a recent white paper developed as an excerpt from VOI's new edition of the United States Market: pharmahandbook publication, and focuses on why the pharmaceutical market growth in the United States has slowed dramatically and what the pharmaceutical industry can do to avoid the slow-growth trap.

Web 2.0 for Pharma Marketing

Increase marketing ROI using 'social networking' and other Web 2.0 technologies.

Evaluating Rx & OTC DTC TV Ads: Few Are Outright False But Many May...

A conversation with Adrienne E. Faerber, PhD, and David H. Kreling, PhD, talk about the results of their recently published study on the content analysis of claims made in TV direct-to-consumer (DTC) OTC and Rx drug ads.


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