DigiPharm’s EU ePharma Pioneers: Doing More with Less

A conversation with several speakers from the 2010 DigiPharm Europe conference, including several who have been nominated for the Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award. We will discuss the issues that pharmaceutical e-marketers deal with in Europe and preview the topics that will be/have been discussed at this conference. Invited participants include Alex Butler, Communications Manager, Janssen Cilag; Silja Chouquet, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Whydot GmbH; Kai Gait, Digital Commerce Marketing Manager, GlaxoSmithKline; Gary Monk, Product Manager-Concerta XL, Janssen Cilag; Andrew Spong, Editorial Director, Nexus; and Christian Stehle, Director, Vienna eMarketing Center, Pfizer Specialty Care.

Pharma Marketing Talk: Virtual Face Time with Physicians

A discussion with Asheesh Gupta, M.D., M.P.H., CEO and co-founder of eHyppo, an independent online health care community created by and for health care professionals.

Meet Digital Pharma’s Faculty: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Shwen Gwee and other Digital Pharma 'unconference' faculty members will discuss what's hot and what's not in digital pharma marketing. It's also your opportunity to vent your favorite digital pharma rant! Or just quietly suggest additional topics to be covered at the conference.

Social Media Use by Physicians: Survey Results from the DocCheck Online Physician Community

A conversation with Dr. Frank Antwerpes, President, DocCheck Medical, about the recent survey of the DocCheck physician online community regarding use of social media.

Pharma’s Digital IQ: Measuring the Digital Competence of Pharma Brands

A conversation with Scott Hagedorn (PHD Network CEO) and Scott Galloway (L2 founder and NYU Professor of Brand Strategy) about the L2 Digital IQ Index for pharmaceutical brands, a first-of-its kind measurement of the digital competence of 51 pharma brands across eight therapeutic categories.

Mining Mobile Health App User Data: Liberating Health Data While Protecting Privacy

A conversation with Jacqueline Thong, co-founder and CEO of Ubiqi Health, about disease management mobile applications and how pharma marketers can leverage mobile health apps to engage with and learn from patients.

Finding the Consumer Within the Patient: Insights Into How Healthcare Decisions are Made

A conversation with Grace Soyao, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Self Care Catalysts Inc., a health research and strategy company, about her company's unique and proprietary processes and tools specifically designed using health psychology to understand how today's patients/healthcare consumers make healthcare decisions.

Pharma YouTube: Successful Use of Online Video to Support Patients

Learn how you can decrease time to market and reduce costs to deploy strategic initiatives

PharmaShine: A Laser Look Into Physician Payments

A conversation with George Dunston, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Obsidian HDS, about PharmaShine, an online service called PharmaShine that makes all of the publicly revealed payments to physicians by pharmaceutical companies available in a searchable interface.

Stop the Mobile Insanity! New Strategies for Pharma in the mHealth Market

Pharmaguy interviews Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Managing Director, research2guidance, who talks about his company's Pharma App Benchmarking 2014 report and what changes pharmaceutical companies must make in order to deliver more useful mHealth apps for healthcare professionals and patients and thereby become successful in the mHealth market.


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