The Centocor Corporate Blog: A Groundbreaking Pharmaceutical Company Blog?

According to the About section of the new Centocor Blog, it was started 'because there are so many interesting things happening at our company, in our industry, and around immunology. Although you can read about these things in the news or on other blogs, we want to join the conversation because we have much to say on the matter.'

Adherence Programs: A Targeted, Personalized Approach

Greg Caressi, Senior Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan, will briefly discuss the benefits of utilizing a targeted approach when designing a pharmaceutical adherence and loyalty program in an introduction to the complimentary eBroadcast on the same topic.

How to Add New Media Into Your DTC Marketing Mix

Combining the best of the 'Old' and 'New' into successful DTC campaigns can be tricky. The options are discussed with David Kweskin and Morgan Lozier of TNS Brand and Communication Division.

Taming the “Wild West” of Mobile Health Apps

A conversation with Ben Chodor, CEO of Happitique, about his company's standards that it will be using to certify medical, health, and fitness apps under Happtique's App Certification Program.

The Importance of Emotion in Evaluating Product Promotion: Insight Into Physicians’ and Patients’ Minds

A conversation with Dr. Jeremy Pincus, Principal and Quantitative Team Leader, Forbes Consulting, about the importance of measuring physician and patient emotions when evaluating product promotions. We talk about his company's proprietary MindSight Emotional Assessment, which is a new way to gather data directly from the emotional brain by 'talking in pictures'.

Interactive Widgets for Pharma Marketing

Tony Zito, CEO and Founder of mediaFORGE, describes how his company's widget-ad platform can empower pharmaceutical brands by maximizing their online presence.

Path of the Blue Eye

A conversation with Fard Johnmar, Founder and CEO of Envision Solutions, about an initiative to bring people working in health marketing communications together.

Patient Behavioral Coaching: An Innovative McKesson Patient Adherence Solution

A conversation with Stacey Irving, Senior Director, Channel Marketing, and Derek Rago, VP Marketing & Strategy, at McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions, about the McKesson Pharmacy Intervention Program, which expands patient access to one-on-one behavioral coaching about the importance of taking medicines from retail pharmacists in the McKesson network.

Mobilizing Your Digital Assets: Is There an App for That?

A conversation with Meg Columbia-Walsh, President of Augme's Mobile Health Group, about the need for pharmaceutical companies to optimize their product websites for mobile browsers.

Pharma, Physicians, and Web 2.0? Are We There Yet?

Join Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research, and John Mack as they discuss physicians, technology, and the future of pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategy.
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