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A “Comuniti” for Healthcare Professionals: Univadis in France Gets Social

Pharmaguy interviews Thibaud Guymard, Digital Marketing Manager at MSD France, who talks about Comuniti, a new online community that is part of MSD France's Univadis service exclusively for healthcare professionals.

Towards a Rational FDA Policy Addressing the Internet and Social Media

Arnold Friede, Counsel to the law firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP, talks about organizing a collective response from representatives of the pharma industry to FDA's recent enforcement initiative on the use of sponsored links in search ads and more generally, on FDA's overall approach to regulating social media and the Internet.

Rx Drug Personalities Perceived by Consumers

Boost sales and develop direct relationships with consumers by imbuing Rx brands with human characteristics. Pharmaguy interviews Lea Katsanis, PhD, Marketing Professor at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, about her research into Rx brand personalities as perceived by consumers and how pharmaceutical companies can boost sales and develop direct relationships with their consumers by imbuing their brands with human characteristics.

Real Time Patient Intelligence: Gaining Actionable Meaning from Social Media “Big Data”

This podcast with Gideon Mantel, co-founder and CEO of Treato, discusses how a combination of deep healthcare domain expertise, advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms and

Benchmark & Track the Impact of iPad Use on Messaging Effectiveness & Delivery

Guests Peter Shaw, MD, President and Jessica Labita, MBA, Vice President, Client Services, at MD Mindset, discuss the overall impact of sales professionals and teams use of the iPad in calls with healthcare providers as measured by MD Mindset's proprietary iSFE Tracker methodology.

The Coming Digital El Nino: Traditional Interactive Agencies are Facing Extinction

Learn how you can decrease time to market and reduce costs to deploy strategic initiatives

Taming the “Wild West” of Mobile Health Apps

A conversation with Ben Chodor, CEO of Happitique, about his company's standards that it will be using to certify medical, health, and fitness apps under Happtique's App Certification Program.

The Intricacies of Rx Drug Advertising! Learn Rules & Regulations from a Master

Pharmaguy interviews Preeti Pinto, former Executive Director & Head of Promotional Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca. We talk about the Advertising and Promotions Course that Preeti will teach at the Temple University School of Pharmacy this fall. Delve into the regulatory intricacies of Rx Drugs advertising!

Before You Take that Pill: A “Fair and Balanced” Critique?

Bremner will discuss the risks of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs and why he thinks the drug industry doesn't want consumers to know about them.


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