Want Digital Pharma Marketing “RESULTS”? Pharma Marketers Must Adapt to the New Demands of...

Pharmaguy interviews R.J. Lewis, President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, about his new book

The Widening Patient-Physician Gap: How Can (Should?) Pharma Marketers Facilitate the Conversation Between Patients...

A conversation with Alan Topin, President of Topin & Associates, about what he has called the 'Doctor-Patient Disconnect' and the role of pharmaceutical marketers in overcoming that disconnect by facilitating the conversation. Topin will also be a member of a panel moderated by PharmaGuy at the Social Media for Pharma conference. The panel is titled 'Getting To The Heart Of What Patients And HCPs Really Want And Need To Win Trust And Help Bridge The Widening Gap Between Patient And Prescriber.'

Scientist vs Salesman: Which approach will enable your sales reps to raise their value...

A conversation with Tim Ryan, Executive Director of Prescription Medicines, Training, and Development at Boehringer Ingelheim, about his upcoming presentation/panel discussion at eyeforpharma's Sales Force Effectiveness USA 2010 conference on May 17-18 in Princeton, NJ.

Digital Health Coaching: Personalized Behavioral Intervention Aids Adherence, Saves Money

A conversation with Steven Schwartz, Ph.D., Research Director, HealthMedia, about its digital health coaching solution that emulates the experience with a human coach or counselor but that is delivered on digital platforms that include the web, CD, iPhone, IVR, SMS and digital print.

Your DTC Ads Stink!

Why DTC Ads are Ineffective and How Innovative Pretesting Techniques Can Improve Them

PharmaShine: A Laser Look Into Physician Payments

A conversation with George Dunston, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Obsidian HDS, about PharmaShine, an online service called PharmaShine that makes all of the publicly revealed payments to physicians by pharmaceutical companies available in a searchable interface.

Increase Access to Hospital-based Physicians with Virtual Pharmacist or Nurse Reps

A conversation with Greg Lee, RPh, Manager of Arista's Clinical Consultant Program, who will discuss how pharmaceutical companies can improve access to hospital-based physicians by deploying remote teams of clinical consultants vs. traditional sales reps.

Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call Contest: Sanofi US to Develop Documentary Featuring Real Patients and...

A conversation with Bruce Braughton, Vice President, Insulin Franchise for Sanofi U.S., about the 'Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call' contest and the use of real patients and their stories in promotional documentaries.

Improving Patient Outcomes: Engaging Patients to Improve Adherence

A conversation with several speakers from eyeforpharma's 7th Annual Patient Adherence & Engagement Summit. We will discuss the issues related to the latest strategies to boost adherence and improve patient health outcomes, especially from a patient's point of view. Invited participants include Ray Bullman, Executive Vice President, National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE); John Walsh, President, COPD Foundation; Jeanne Barnett, Founder, CysticFibrosis.com; Natalie Napolitano, Associate Director of Research and Health Management, COPD Foundation; and Laura Cranston, Executive Director, Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

Racism in the Life Sciences: What Should be the Response?

In this podcast, John Mack discusses The Life Science Profiles of Color (LSPOC) project and blog, with Craig DeLarge of Novo Nordisk and Frad Johnmar of Envision Solutions. LSPOC highlights the vast achievements and contribution of people of color in the life sciences industries.
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