The Utilization Plateau: Why Has the U.S. Pharmaceutical Market Stagnated?

A conversation with Todd D. Clark, President of Value of Insight Consulting (VOI) and the author of pharmahandbook and generichandbook, about the U.S. Rx prescription drug 'Utilization Plateau.' The discussion will feature a recent white paper developed as an excerpt from VOI's new edition of the United States Market: pharmahandbook publication, and focuses on why the pharmaceutical market growth in the United States has slowed dramatically and what the pharmaceutical industry can do to avoid the slow-growth trap.

A KOL by Any Other Name

Pharmaguy interviews Sanjay Singhvi, Director, System Analytic, about KOL terminology and the research his company conducted around it with KOLs and pharmaceutical executives to determine if the term should be changed and, if so, what term should be used in its place.

Back to the Pharma Digital Future: A Pharma Social Media Pioneer Looks Back &...

A conversation with Alex Butler, Managing Director at The Earthworks and recipient of the first Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award. We look back over the past three years since Alex won his award at the digital pharma landscape to review what has changed, what remains the same, and what may lie ahead.

Solving the Medical Marketing Blues

A conversation with Reprints Desk's Scott Ahlberg, Head of Corporate Services, and Christian Gray, Business Development, about solving pharma's

Pharma Marketing Talk: Virtual Face Time with Physicians

A discussion with Asheesh Gupta, M.D., M.P.H., CEO and co-founder of eHyppo, an independent online health care community created by and for health care professionals.

The Physician Value Index: A Framework for Measuring Pharmaceutical Marketing Performance

A conversation with Mark Goldstone and Venkat Gullapalli, MD, Co-CEO, Medikly, about a better way to reach, engage and understand healthcare professionals (HCPs) by gaining insights into the HCP journey through various digital touch points and highlighting how these touch points impact the behaviors and preferences of HCPs and their intent to prescribe.

Overcoming Barriers to Pharma’s Engagement in Social Networks

An ePharma Pioneer Club roundtable discussion on what it's going to take to enable pharmaceutical marketers to engage in social networks without fear of adverse event reporting and other regulatory, corporate, and cultural roadblocks.

Ranking Pharma’s Social Media Presence: Tracking a Moving Target!

A conversation with Christopher Wooden, Vice President, Global Sales at Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), about CSD's desk research that tabulated how the top 100 pharmaceutical companies rank in terms of their Social media exposure (likes, posts, tweets, followers) on two of the most important social network websites: Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile Technology, Pharma & the Future of Healthcare: The Mobile Health Competence Centre Hosts...

Pharmaguy interviews Juan Cornet, Director, mHealth Competence Center, who summarizes the key takeaways from an hour-long #mHealthPharma TweetChat on how pharma can develop high quality mobile health apps. Juan also talks more generally about the impact of mobile technology on healthcare and what his organization is doing to promote quality mHealth programs.

All About Eve – An iPAD Physician Detailing Platform

Guest Tim Lewis, Director, Interactive|RM Strategy at Abelson Taylor, provides details about eve™, which is his company's sales force-focused detailing platform for the iPAD.


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