Pharma Cause Marketing

A discussion with Fard Johnmar of Envision Solutions focused on his company's recent survey about American opinion of pharma-non-profit cause alliances and the implication for the future of pharma cause marketing.

Questioning Conventional Pharma Marketing Wisdom

How Disruption Can Lead to Game-changing Ideas.

Disclose, Comply, & Measure: A Technology for Achieving All Three Social Media Goals!

Learn how you can decrease time to market and reduce costs to deploy strategic initiatives

Increase Access to Hospital-based Physicians with Virtual Pharmacist or Nurse Reps

A conversation with Greg Lee, RPh, Manager of Arista's Clinical Consultant Program, who will discuss how pharmaceutical companies can improve access to hospital-based physicians by deploying remote teams of clinical consultants vs. traditional sales reps.

The iPhone Medical Application Revolution: How Pharmaceutical Marketers Can Leverage the Gadget Clinicians Love

A conversation with Edward M. Zabrek, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., Medical Editor, SmartPhone Magazine and iPhone Life Magazine and Renee McLoud, PhD, APRN, BC, CPNP-PC, Clinical Professor, Arizona State University College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation, Office of Transformational Technologies & Organizations, focusing on the mobile information technology habits of healthcare professionals and how pharmaceutical marketers can leverage the PDA/Smartphone channel to educate and market to clinicians about their brands.

SurroundHealth: An Online Community for Healthcare Extenders

A conversation with Susan Collins, MS, CHES, RD, Senior Vice President, Health Education Research and Development, HealthEd, about the SurroundHealth online community of 'Healthcare Extenders.' We will focus on how this group of healthcare professionals impacts health care, why they should not be ignored by pharma marketers and how to measure ROI when working with them.

Media Consumption Habits of Physicians

A conversation with David L. Shrier, Chief Executive Officer of HCPlexus about how the demand for content and channels of delivery of content depend upon the size of physician practices and other factors.

The Digital Health Coalition: Solving Real Problems — Mission Possible?

A conversation with Mark Bard, founder of the Digital Health Coalition, regarding the mission of the Coalition and what companies and individuals are involved.

Delving Deeper Into Drug Risks

A conversation with John J. Doyle, Sr. Vice President and Managing Director - Global Market Access at Quintiles, about the need for deeper knowledge of the inherent risks of pharmaceutical products. This need was revealed by The New Health Report 2012, which is based on surveys of biopharmaceutical executives, managed care executives in the U.S., National Health Service executives in the U.K., patients living with chronic disease in both the U.S. and the U.K., and investors who focus on the healthcare sectors.

Emerging Trends in European Physician and Consumer Use of the Internet

A conversation with Mark Bard, president of New York City–based Manhattan Research focusing on five emerging trends in the use of the Internet by European physicians and consumers.
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