Pharma, Physicians, and Web 2.0? Are We There Yet?

Join Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research, and John Mack as they discuss physicians, technology, and the future of pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategy.

Pharma 3D: A Script for Marketing in the Digital Age

Pharmaguy interviews Brain Fox, Senior Partner at McKinsey, about the new e-book entitled 'Pharma 3D: Rewriting the script for marketing in the digital age.'

A Sharp Way to Improve Patient Adherence: The Sharps Patient Support System

Pharmaguy interviews David P. Tusa, CEO and President, Sharps Compliance, Inc., who describes The Sharps Patient Support System and how his company collects data from sharps containers to determine whether patients are adhering to their medication therapies.

Connecting the Social Media Dots: Which Pharma Companies are Succeeding?

PharmaGuy interviews Rebecca Canvin, Social Media Manager, and Rick Evans, Digital Strategist, at Ogilvy Healthworld about the

Customer Manages Relationship: A New Marketing Strategy

The new Customer Manages Realtionship marketing strategy is one way that pharma marketers can create a new beginning with patients and phsyicians. Alfred O'Neill of Ryan TrueHealth explains how.

Taking the Pulse® Asia: Asian Physicians and Emerging Information Technologies

Guest Mark Bard, President Manhattan Research, in an EXCLUSIVE interview, informs listeners about the latest pharma marketing trends and emerging information technologies in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia, why this knowledge is critical to pharma companies, and how it fits into a global strategy.

Reach & Teach Physicians with Virtual Reality: Viscira’s “EyeMAC” Wet AMD Simulation Exhibit

A conversation with Dave Gulezian, President and CEO of Viscira, about the use of virtual reality simulation to reach and teach physicians at medical conventions. Featured is his company's

Why is Putting the Patient at the Center So Difficult? Enough is Enough. It’s...

A conversation with Dyan Bryson, VP, Patient Enablement Services at Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd. and Managing Director, Inspired Health Strategies, LLC, about what it will take for the pharmaceutical industry to become more 'patient-centric' and the benefits for pharma and patients.

Pharma Twitter Best Practices

An ePharma Pioneer Club members-only discussion of the first-ever pharma branded Tweet. What can we learn from this? Is it a good model for other brands to follow?

Beyond Compliance: Strategic Implications of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act

A conversation with Bill Cooney, President & CEO, Medpoint and Vince DeChellis, Head, NHHS Healthcare Consulting, LLC, about the looming challenge of complying with the Physician Payments


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