Want Digital Pharma Marketing “RESULTS”? Pharma Marketers Must Adapt to the New Demands of...

Pharmaguy interviews R.J. Lewis, President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, about his new book

Universal Rx Discount Coupons

YourRxCard, a free Rx drug card program designed to help Americans cut their medication costs.

Doctors, Web 2.0, and Patient Care: What Are the Possibilities?

A conversation with Denise Silber, CEO of Basil Strategies, Phil Baumann, Health Is Social, and Bertalan Meskó, MD, Founder of Webicina.com, and other invited guests about the use of Web 2.0 and social media such as Twitter for improving patient care.

The State of CME in Europe: A Work in Progress

A conversation in which Eugene Pozniak, Managing Director of Siyemi Learning, an independent, UK based provider of CME products and related services. Mr. Pozniak will evaluate the current status and value of CME in Europe, and how it is likely to develop, and what the opportunities and challenges for the future are.

UCB’s State ScoreCards: Helping Epilepsy Patients Lobby Lawmakers for Better Access to Innovative Drugs

Cindie Dilley, Head of New Patient Value Focus at UCB, talks about UCB's State ScoreCards program, which won the 2016 eyeforpharma #efpphilly award for Most Valuable Patient Initiative.

The Inaugural Digital Health Coalition Executive Landscape Study

Guest Mark Bard, co-founder of the Digital Health Coalition, discusses some of the key findings from the October 2012 member survey,

A Sharp Way to Improve Patient Adherence: The Sharps Patient Support System

Pharmaguy interviews David P. Tusa, CEO and President, Sharps Compliance, Inc., who describes The Sharps Patient Support System and how his company collects data from sharps containers to determine whether patients are adhering to their medication therapies.


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