Univadis – Merck’s Online Source for Medical Education in Europe

A conversation with Dr. Ina Weisshardt who was recently employed by MSD (Merck & Co.) where she was responsible for developing and implementing a new approach to medical education in Europe. She will discuss the educational partnership between univadis -- MSD's physician portal -- and the BMJ group to role-out a truly pan-European physician educational platform.

The Inaugural Digital Health Coalition Executive Landscape Study

Guest Mark Bard, co-founder of the Digital Health Coalition, discusses some of the key findings from the October 2012 member survey,

Improving Patient Outcomes: Engaging Patients to Improve Adherence

A conversation with several speakers from eyeforpharma's 7th Annual Patient Adherence & Engagement Summit. We will discuss the issues related to the latest strategies to boost adherence and improve patient health outcomes, especially from a patient's point of view. Invited participants include Ray Bullman, Executive Vice President, National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE); John Walsh, President, COPD Foundation; Jeanne Barnett, Founder, CysticFibrosis.com; Natalie Napolitano, Associate Director of Research and Health Management, COPD Foundation; and Laura Cranston, Executive Director, Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

Pharma-Sponsored Mobile Health Gaming Apps: Sanofi’s Mission T1D for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Pharmaguy interviews Becky Reeve, Head of Professional Relations, Diabetes Franchise Sanofi UK & Ireland. We talk about Mission T1D, a new gaming app for children with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Mission T1D aims to support a serious message through gaming and play to encourage children with T1D (and their family, teachers and friends) to learn more about how to live with diabetes.

Solving the Medical Marketing Blues

A conversation with Reprints Desk's Scott Ahlberg, Head of Corporate Services, and Christian Gray, Business Development, about solving pharma's

Marketing to the “Long Tail Physician” Segment

A conversation with Paul Boidy, Executive Vice President, Sales and Customer Solutions at ReachMD who will give us a 'former insider's' point of pharma's rep-centric strategy vs. ReachMD's ability to cost-effectively reach the long-neglected physician

Can Humor and Continuing Medical Education Coexist?

Lawrence Sherman, FACME, CCMEP, President and CEO of The Physicians Academy for Clinical and Management Excellence, talks about research he conducted on the use of humor in physician continuing medical education.


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