ACOR: An Online Social Networking Community of Cancer Patients & Caregivers Pharma Can’t Join...

A conversation with Gilles Frydman, founder of the Association of Online Cancer Resources, about how this venerable and vibrant online community has helped more than 600,000 cancer sufferers and caregivers for over 13 years!

High Impact Educational Patient Aids: Not Your Father’s Pharma Sales Tchotchkes

A conversation with Jeff Baker, President and CEO, Noble, about the new world of physician

Understanding the Digital Health Mom

A conversation with Fard Johnmar, founder and president at Enspektos, LLC, about a new report that contains both exciting and sobering news for health organizations seeking to engage mothers via social media, mobile and other technologies.

Social Media Glasnost Comes to Russian Physicians

Guest Oxana Kolosova, Managing Partner at, discusses the use of social media in Russia by physicians and how the pharmaceutical industry can work with online physician communities such as

Life After CNTO411 Blog for Michael Parks: Pitch360

Guest Michael Parks, former Vice President of Corporate Communications for Centocor, Inc., talks about his experience as a corporate blogger and his transition to the founder ofPitch360, a PR consultancy company he founded to transform the way small companies communicate to their customers, key stakeholders, and mainstream and social media.

Pharma’s Digital IQ: Measuring the Digital Competence of Pharma Brands

A conversation with Scott Hagedorn (PHD Network CEO) and Scott Galloway (L2 founder and NYU Professor of Brand Strategy) about the L2 Digital IQ Index for pharmaceutical brands, a first-of-its kind measurement of the digital competence of 51 pharma brands across eight therapeutic categories.

All About Eve – An iPAD Physician Detailing Platform

Guest Tim Lewis, Director, Interactive|RM Strategy at Abelson Taylor, provides details about eve™, which is his company's sales force-focused detailing platform for the iPAD.
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