The Benefits of Virtual Social TherapyĀ®

Sharing Stories Through Self-Generated Patient Videos. Pharmaguy interviews Dave Duplay, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at healtheo360, about the effects on patients of sharing their stories through self-generated videos and participation in Virtual Social Therapy via the healtheo360 community.

Mobilizing Your Digital Assets: Is There an App for That?

A conversation with Meg Columbia-Walsh, President of Augme's Mobile Health Group, about the need for pharmaceutical companies to optimize their product websites for mobile browsers.

The State of CME in Europe: A Work in Progress

A conversation in which Eugene Pozniak, Managing Director of Siyemi Learning, an independent, UK based provider of CME products and related services. Mr. Pozniak will evaluate the current status and value of CME in Europe, and how it is likely to develop, and what the opportunities and challenges for the future are.

Improving Patient Outcomes: Engaging Patients to Improve Adherence

A conversation with several speakers from eyeforpharma's 7th Annual Patient Adherence & Engagement Summit. We will discuss the issues related to the latest strategies to boost adherence and improve patient health outcomes, especially from a patient's point of view. Invited participants include Ray Bullman, Executive Vice President, National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE); John Walsh, President, COPD Foundation; Jeanne Barnett, Founder,; Natalie Napolitano, Associate Director of Research and Health Management, COPD Foundation; and Laura Cranston, Executive Director, Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

Rx Drug Personalities Perceived by Consumers

Boost sales and develop direct relationships with consumers by imbuing Rx brands with human characteristics. Pharmaguy interviews Lea Katsanis, PhD, Marketing Professor at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, about her research into Rx brand personalities as perceived by consumers and how pharmaceutical companies can boost sales and develop direct relationships with their consumers by imbuing their brands with human characteristics.

ABPI Digital Update: Insider Reactions

A conversation with Robert Anderson, Head of Digital Communications, Weber Shandwick UK, about the results of an informal survey of pharma clients regarding ABPI's long-awaited digital guidance update.

Benchmark & Track the Impact of iPad Use on Messaging Effectiveness & Delivery

Guests Peter Shaw, MD, President and Jessica Labita, MBA, Vice President, Client Services, at MD Mindset, discuss the overall impact of sales professionals and teams use of the iPad in calls with healthcare providers as measured by MD Mindset's proprietary iSFE Tracker methodology.

Pharma Business Strategies in Times of Change

A Preview of Pharmaceutical Executive's Marketing and Sales Summit (November 4-6, 2007 * Philadelphia, PA *

Multi-site Web Marketing in Today’s Pharma World

Learn how you can decrease time to market and reduce costs to deploy strategic initiatives

An Innovative System for Communicating Drug Risks to Patients

A Color-coded Risk Rating System That Delivers Personal Safety Alerts


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