Social Media Glasnost Comes to Russian Physicians

Guest Oxana Kolosova, Managing Partner at, discusses the use of social media in Russia by physicians and how the pharmaceutical industry can work with online physician communities such as

Managing Your Digital Assets in a Complex Regulatory World: Answers to Your DAM Questions!

A conversation with Joshua Duhl, VP Marketing & Product Management at North Plains Systems, about his company's new generation of content management solutions for ingesting, categorizing, finding, converting, collaborating on and distributing rich media no matter where it is stored in your company.

The Utilization Plateau: Why Has the U.S. Pharmaceutical Market Stagnated?

A conversation with Todd D. Clark, President of Value of Insight Consulting (VOI) and the author of pharmahandbook and generichandbook, about the U.S. Rx prescription drug 'Utilization Plateau.' The discussion will feature a recent white paper developed as an excerpt from VOI's new edition of the United States Market: pharmahandbook publication, and focuses on why the pharmaceutical market growth in the United States has slowed dramatically and what the pharmaceutical industry can do to avoid the slow-growth trap.

How to Score With Women (as a Marketer) via Social Media

A conversation with Casey Quinlan, 'Mighty Mouth' at Mighty Casey Media LLC, Zoe Dunn, Principal, Hale Advisors, Eileen O'Brien, Director, Search & Innovation, Siren Interactive, Richard Meyer, Principal Consultant, Online Strategic Solutions, and Jerry Hall, Advisor to Pearescope, about engaging and marketing to women online, especially via social media, which some new media marketers claim is 'all about women.'

Pharma’s Social Media Working Group: Who It Consists of, How It Formed, and What...

A conversation with Craig M. Audet, Vice-President and Head of the US Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products Group at sanofi-aventis, Mark Gaydos, Senior Director, U.S. Regulatory Affairs Marketed Products at sanofi-aventis, and Cynthia Phillips, Sr Dir Labeling and Promotional Compliance at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, about their views on how pharmaceutical companies should handle posts made on social media sites owned or sponsored by them. Of particular interest are posts that mention off-label indications or adverse events.

Emerging Search Engine Technology Drives Digital Integration Strategy

Laura Pfister, VP, Interactive Media & SEM, IGNITE HEALTH and Buddy Scalera, VP, Interactive Media, QI INTERACTIVE discuss the rapid advance of search engine marketing technology and how it is impacting SEM strategy, integration of digital assets, and regulatory compliance with host John Mack.

Rx Drug Personalities Perceived by Consumers

Boost sales and develop direct relationships with consumers by imbuing Rx brands with human characteristics. Pharmaguy interviews Lea Katsanis, PhD, Marketing Professor at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, about her research into Rx brand personalities as perceived by consumers and how pharmaceutical companies can boost sales and develop direct relationships with their consumers by imbuing their brands with human characteristics.

Do Healthcare Employees Have Access to Social Media at Work?

Guests Lee A. Aase, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Edward Bennett, Director, Web and Communications Technology at University of Maryland Medical Center, discuss the Social Media Health Network and the current Healthcare Employee Social Media Access Project & Survey.

Avoid the Pitfalls and Pratfalls of Social Media: Ask the Gang of Four Pharma...

Jonathan Richman, Wendy Blackburn, Silja Chouquet, Steve Woodruff and other speakers from eyeforpharma's 4th Annual eCommunications & Online Marketing Summit (plus invited ePharma Pioneer Club members) will discuss how pharmaceutical marketers and communications professionals can avoid typical social media pitfalls (eg, FDA warning letters) and pratfalls (eg, using the wrong Twitter hashtag). It's really a free-for-all roundtable discussion among Twitterati and eCommunication industry experts who will be attending and/or speaking at this important conference.

Life After CNTO411 Blog for Michael Parks: Pitch360

Guest Michael Parks, former Vice President of Corporate Communications for Centocor, Inc., talks about his experience as a corporate blogger and his transition to the founder ofPitch360, a PR consultancy company he founded to transform the way small companies communicate to their customers, key stakeholders, and mainstream and social media.


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